ARMS - Twitter content update for July 17th, 2017

A new bit of artwork for ARMS today, showing off the latest addition to the roster, Max Brass. Too bad we all know that Master Mummy is going to kick his ass!

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I love Max Brass, but no way Mummy is going down!

My two favorite characters in the same art is pretty nice. ^^ I love the style of these.

Odd to see them with regular, non spring like arms.
Does that mean you can choose when your arms become ARMS?

Yeah, the drops in lore from Nintendo [outside the game] state that the masks they wear actually allow them to control the ARMS ability.

I guess if don't wanna fight but wake up with the ability one day then you're f.....

Mon Jul 17 17 07:18am
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The mask works with their eyes, actually. If they have spiral eyes it means they have the arms ability, which can be actiavated using the masks. So they can live a pretty normal life too.


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