SEGA ending Archie Sonic the Hedgehog comic series after 24 years

The way it's worded makes it seem like there will be more Sonic comics to come, but I guess they won't be with Archie. If you want to see more reactions from freelancers and other people who worked on the series over the years, you can do so here. Thanks to Lars for the heads up!

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Whatever happened to Mega Man, anyway?

On indefinite hiatus.

Thu Jul 20 17 02:18am
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This has gone unannounced an uncomfortably long time. The community had assumed this was the case for several months now.

I'm split as to whether I would want them to restart the fiction, since keeping up with it would mean buying years of Archie comics, who they no longer work with, but it would be a shame to throw it all away, too. I wonder if SEGA owns the comics wholly and could have the existing comics republished by another company.

Thu Jul 20 17 02:43am
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So the Archie Sonic comic series is officially done then 😢 Like any new publisher will have a new writer I'd imagine, so goodbye Ian...

Heck, there's no guarantee the SatAM and or Archie only characters will even be part of a new book really.

That said, to both the british Sonic The Comic I began with and later on the american Archie Sonic comics, I was never there at the very start, but always the end... Gotta thank Ian Flynn wholeheartedly for bringing Archie Sonic back to life when he joined!

I'm just sad that multiple arcs on the crux of ending just went out mid-sentence. Like, this silence was about a year long, and they couldn't even allow a wrap-up session [or at least have let us get to #300]?

Thu Jul 20 17 03:53am
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is there any way I can blame this on ken penders

We can always blame Ken Penders.

Actually yes, there is a way you can blame it on Ken Penders. It's his fault. When Archie and Sega lost the rights to the Angel Island cast it soured the relationship between Archie and Sega. So Penders, knowing he couldn't do a damn thing with Knuckles' supporting cast, sued for ownership, won and dealt a deathblow to the series.

Bummer. I don't read them currently, as I didn't appreciate the reboot that happened a couple years ago, but I'm sad to see it go. I can distinctly remember picking up the second issue in the series when I was eight years old. I read the series for, oh, about 20 years.

Thu Jul 20 17 06:22pm
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The Sonic comic has been a consistent part of my life for the past 24 years. It's what inspired me to pursue a career as a writer. It's affected my life in ways I've never realized until now, looking back.

On the bright side, it seems by the wording that Sega has every intention of keeping Sonic comics going without Archie. Whether that means continuing where Archie left off or starting anew, I don't know, but I sure hope I'll soon be able to once again feel the joy of getting a new Sonic comic in my mailbox as I have since childhood.

On the SUPER bright side, I no longer have to wade through all that Archie crap on social media looking for tidbits of Sonic stuff. Never liked that guy or his friends.


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