Trademark listings potentially point towards a Nintendo 64 mini console

On the EU IPO (European Union Intellectual Property Office) website, new listings have appeared for various Nintendo controllers. This includes those for the NES, SNES, Nintendo Switch and most importantly Nintendo 64.  Considering the timing of the listing, it could be that Nintendo is gearing up for Nintendo 64 Mini. 

The NES and SNES logos are the ones that you can find the mini console boxes. Naturally, this still could be anything, but it seems unlikely given the registered goods and services tag. Either way, the whole situation will add some fuel to the fire! Thanks to nicodarunia for the heads up!

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What's next, the Wii Mi— nevermind.

For the love of Yoshi just put these games on Switch Virtual Console!

Yeah, it's utterly depressing they haven't done that yet. The GCN VC rumors from Eurogamer made me so hopeful the Switch would have an epic eShop/VC but so far the real thing's been disappointment and barren

But what games would be on it? Outside of maybe the 10 first party ones on the VC along with (at most) the extra 10 from second/third parties...

Thu Jul 20 17 10:09am
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I highly doubt a N64 mini would get 20 games.... If the NES mini and SNES mini are any indication, you'll pay more for a N64 mini and get less games. And following their trend of SNES games being more expensive than NES games, The N64 games would be more expensive than SNES games.
NES mini for $60 with 30 games
SNES mini for $80 with 20 games + 1 bonus game
If the N64 mini is $80, I'd see it getting a max of 15-16 games... but if they charge $90-100, I could easily see an increase in number of games.
It cost Nintendo nothing extra to add more ROMs on the SNES mini, but they can't convey to consumers that 30 SNES games cost as much as 30 NES games and then expect the same consumers to pay premium prices for SNES VC games over NES VC games... The same can be said for a N64 mini and N64 VC games.
NES VC x 30 = $150
SNES VC x 20 = $160
N64 VC x 15(or 16) = $150 (or $160)

We know nothing about the upcoming VC for Switch so it's quite possible that NES and SNES games are no longer priced at $5 and $8 respectively. I for one hope that because the NES and SNES mini are $80, it means that VC titles will now be cheaper.
I'd love for an $79.99 N64 mini with 20 games though.

Retail price for NES Mini was $60 USD, btw.

Oh my mistake, I accidentally compared the $80CAN NES mini and the $80US SNES mini. The General idea still stands though. Updated it to make more sense. haha

Enough already!
I just want VC on the Switch instead.

I have zero intent of by buying a NES, SNES or N64 classic. I just want to be able to choose the games I want, to play when I want on my Switch. Why are they assuming that all switch owners will settle for the mini consoles and buy them while patiently waiting for the VC to appear?

If they're assuming all Switch owners would buy a mini console, they would be producing MORE of these mini consoles.
It's not for Switch owners. Never was. It's for anyone who wants to own a nostalgic collectible that can be used for fun. Which, is a limited market - not in size, but in time. Nostalgia sells in waves, not eternally, nor consistently.

I assume we'll get a VC on the Switch.......... in 2018.

What's next, the Wii Mi— nevermind.

Ahaha that was too funny!


20 characters.

I don't really care whether they release a Nintendo 64 mini. Just start the virtual console service.

Thu Jul 20 17 11:55am
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All this effort by Nintendo could've been put towards official emulators on the Switch.

I don't mind that, I just want to be able to buy one of the mini. I'm not that fond of the pure nes game, but I would totally buy the virtual mini digital snes for the switch if that pack existed though and I would also play the games. It could be damaging to that eshop but still options.

I'm pretty sure the nes mini would be a few hundred away from the 3 million mark. I still expect the n64 to reach that (the snes to outdo both) because the actual state of emulation is just laughably hard to set up.

Thu Jul 20 17 12:39pm
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Meh. Not much point to an N64 mini, IMO. Half the games I'd want are Rare games that have zero chance of ending up on it. There's a reason the N64 selection on VC is so meager.

If they do make a N64 mini, I hope they manage to make a deal with Microsoft to have some Rare games on it. I could see it happening with how Nintendo and Microsoft are working together with Minecraft Switch edition and cross-play.
Personally I'd love Diddy Kong Racing. But an N64 mini needs to have Goldeneye.


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