Super Mario Odyssey gets E10+ rating

As far as we can tell, this is the first mainline Mario entry to get an E10+ rating from the ESRB. There are some other titles starring Mario that have gotten the rating before, like some of the Mario & Sonic games. I'm thinking the New Donk City portion might play into the game's rating, since it features lifelike humans you can jump on. Thanks to Anon E. Mous for the heads up!

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Maybe there's jokes about the wedding night or honeymoon.

Oh god, please no. I don't need that imagery in canon more than it already is on the internet.

Tue Aug 01 17 02:21pm
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Even if it does happen, Nintendo will make sure that its not that sexy to begin with.

Remember how Sunshine got comic mischief? And I'm pretty sure one main game had mild cartoon violence in it.

Also the japanese version will be more risque than the localized version and we'll need an official unofficial fan translation to experience the TRUE Super Mario Odyssey


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