Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer hits 1 million sold in Europe alone

It's been some time since we've received a proper Animal Crossing game, but the last spin-off, Happy Home Designer, continues to grow. Great to see the game hit 1 million in Europe alone. I wonder how many copies have sold in the states.


My brother recently went out to pick up a used copy of this game cause he was itching for some Animal Crossing. I wrote it off pretty quickly when it was first revealed, but after watching him play it, it seems like a pretty neat spin-off of sorts. The game adds lots of little details towards decorating that I hope to see in the eventual Switch AC.

Wed Aug 02 17 04:29pm
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It's a neat spin-off, but the novelty wears off since you have to invent your own fun in decorating houses. The game is that easy with no challenges present so many players can easily hit the credits quickly by speedrunning a number of jobs with just the bare minimum met.

Yes you can beat some jobs by just setting down a chair and then scooting. Some of the bigger buildings might need just a couple to a few more items than just a chair though. But the requirements are so light even the bigger buildings can be cleared quickly.

If there's a sequel to HHD one day, they need to increase the decorating difficulty. Perhaps bringing back the real-time passage of days like in the main series? That would be a start in properly increasing difficulty actually giving you a time limit on jobs. Requiring more than just a chair or six helps too.

I turned one of my amiibo card character's house interior into a spaceship. A nice long bridge, with a crew's quarters in the back room and a space look-out area on the second floor. With 5 invites and myself dress in appropriate uniforms! I really enjoy the game, but after a long while I ran out of creativity and didn't know what to make anymore. Set goals and challenges would have kept me playing for sure.
I also hope they incorporate this stuff into AC Switch. I would love to design the homes of all the villagers in my town!


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