New Nintendo 3DS XL - Samus Returns Special Edition announced

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I need it. Lots.

... is it coming to Europe? I really hope it will. D: I have wanted a Metroid 3DS for forever.

Tue Aug 08 17 01:59pm
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Well then, aren't you a lucky little scamp? It's confirmed for Europe now!

Really? Sweet, thank you kindly. XD My wallet hates it, but I cannot resist going all-out with all this new Metroid stuff. ^^

Can't wait.

ugh screw you Nintendo. My poor wallet!

Probably won't get this because then I'd want a clear case, screen protector and probably wear gloves when playing lol

Looks good, but not good enough to make me regret the recent purchase of my red New 3DS XL a few days ago.

If I didn't already have my Zelda 3DS XL, I would buy it in a heartbeat, simply glorious!!!

I know I have the fire emblem one and the Pokémon 20th anniversary one. But man I want this!

Tue Aug 08 17 11:12am
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While this is fine, it should have been a different one. Maybe have something that looks like this?

That looks pretty nice!


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