Fire Emblem Warriors devs talk Coliseum mode, character choices and weapons, voice acting, more characters coming

The following comes from a Nintendo Dream interview with Fire Emblem Warriors producer Yosuke Hayashi and director Hiroya Usuda, as translated by NintendoEverything.

- Coliseum mode will focus on replayability, and will have "fun battles and gameplay with large-scale special rules"
- more info coming on Coliseum Mode at a later date
- the twins have swords because the devs want people to learn the weapon triangle, plus swords fit well with the characters' lineage
- Chrom was the first character created
- Lissa was given an axe due to a lack of axe characters, and Lissa can use an axe if promoted to War Cleric in other games
- the team considered removing Lucina from the roster, but after talking to Nintendo, they realized how important she was
- Robin is outside of the weapon triangle due to using a book as a weapon
- Frederick was also given an axe due to the same reasoning as Lissa
- voice actors asked to record lines multiple times to make sure they nailed their delivery
- voice acting also includes lines/homages to classic lines from previous entries
- many more characters are yet to be revealed


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Sat Aug 12 17 11:42am
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Just to remind everyone about the Hecopter...

"Lissa was given an axe due to a lack of axe characters" I'm not too big on Fire Emblem, but why not just give us a popular axe character? I love Lissa and all but this reasoning just sounds silly.

I'm guessing because axe users are often secondary characters, while this game wants all the big staples.

Axe users aren't the overly popular ones in Fates/Awakening, which is what they only seem to be pulling from, it's a dumb reason really, I don't know why we couldn't get somebody like I dunno, Hector or something.

Sat Aug 12 17 11:42am
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Just to remind everyone about the Hecopter...

My God I miss Hector

It's like Hector doesn't exist...

Since the game's STORY roster consists of Shadow Dragon, Awakening & Fates, no. Hector doesn't exist in that context.

He could exist in as an unlock, but they probably wanted axe users in story mode for the weapon triangle and he wouldn't work for the story they laid out.

The main story for Fire Emblem Warriors is exclusively centered around Shadow Dragon, Awakening & Fates.

Most main characters & popular characters in those games don't really use axes without re-classing, so the weapon triangle would be unbalanced in the roster and limit your choices while playing against Lance-heavy armies.

They have to kind of improvise because of the wall they put themselves against.

That said, there still could be characters like Hector, outside of story mode (like Female Robin), but they don't have a lot to work with otherwise since we aren't going to get tertiary characters (which is where axes usually fall) unless extremely popular.

"The team consifered removing Lucina but realized how important she was"

Well Im nettled it was even considered!

I on the other hand am struggling to see why she's important. The translation basically amounted to "because reasons".

Lucina's an awful, boring character. She existed to mope and cry.

She existed to challenge her fate and become the linchpin to either destruction or salvation.

Everyone has different personality likes/dislikes but story/lore wise she basically come from a doomed world.

Of course to me the story has more impact if she is also your daughter/wife as support convos change slightly.

My problem is she doesn't appear to evolve. Backstory, lore, challenge her fate= fine, great! ...But that's it. It's just trumpeted throughout and that is it in place of endearing character traits.

I mean I liked the idea of Lucina at first. I never envisioned a female wielder of the Falchion. She had an ugly design (so much blue) but I could live with it. But after that it was like "this is the only string to your bow?"

A lot of it is admittedly salt. Because she's a major supporting/main character she gets an insane amount of push...but the whole waifu culture just amplifies so I can't escape it. Want Chrom in more stuff? Screw you, here's his boring but marketable daughter, Lucina!

I just hate it when potential gets squandered and she had it at first.

...Eh. I just have to live with it. It's just how it is now. :/
But I can and will vent when I'm in the mood.

I'm not that into FE but I like the Samurai Warriors series. I recently played through all the story chapters in Fire Emblem Heroes though... I was this game was a bit more focused on the strategy to set it apart from other warriors games. I usually like exclusive modes like Adventure Mode for Hyrule Warriors and all of Dragon Heroes II Story is unique but it doesn't seem like there's anything like that for this game. The Coliseum Mode just sounds like a boss rush... wanted something closer to Empires mode for FE Warriors or something like that... Not sure if I want the game just yet.

Sat Aug 12 17 11:39am
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Why do I get the feeling that this game will not sell in numbers the way Nintendo expects it to sell?

Even if it sells just 1mil, Koei-Tecmo will be happy, since that was enough for them to rave about how well Hyrule Warriors did.

It shouldn't have much issue reaching that as long as it has enough distance from Mario Odyssey.

Well, here's the thing. So far, there's zero marketing efforts done for this game..kinda is giving me the Echoes vibe where they suddenly announced the game and the game releasing so soon. And Nintendo still hasn't revealed the overall sales of Fire Emblem Echoes which is what worries me.

But 1 million? I'm thinking its going to end up around 25k at best.

25k? Are you missing a 0 or something? How can you predict that when the Fire Emblem brand is much stronger than before. Even if Echoes didnt do 1 mil, it sold about 200k in Japan and made it #7 in May 2017 NPD in the NA(also the top selling 3DS software for the year so far) so it should at least be 500k by now.

I agree that the game hasnt been marketed at all (Echoes was probably hurt by the fact and it was a remake of an old game that Japan didnt like much), but to predict 25k is kinda ridiculous.

Well it might end up being on the same level as TMS if they don't market the game the way the Awakening and Fates did.

Also, if Echoes did end up selling 500k, I would be happy as well as many others would but that didn't really happen because otherwise, they would have JUST said so.

Now I'm not against the idea of the game existing as this is one of the attempts of an FE spin off but the way this game hasn't done any marketing or has even developed any hype one bit just gives me a prediction that it won't do so well as Nintendo thinks it will.

Sun Aug 13 17 07:53am
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Well TMS still did better than 25k, it did 25k in Japan alone and over 50k in the west (yes it really did better over here). In Japan it released at a horrible time, the day after Christmas. Whoever thought that was a good thing should be fired ._. And yeah it didn't received a lot of marketing, which caused it to not sell well(and ofc it being on the Wii U). But the Switch is "hot" right now, I expect Warriors to do better than that worldwide.

Im pretty sure the reason they haven't said so is due to it doing less than Fates and Awakening and not doing at least 1 mil. Their game charts that they release during their financial meetings only give out info for games that are 1 mil+ For example, I believe Nintendo never gave out Xenoblade Chronicles X numbers, but places outside of Nintendo say its about 700k.

Yes I agree the marketing has been lacking so far. For Hyrule Warriors they had new character trailers and should different parts of the gameplay. For this game they only showed those trailers to the Japanese audience and they still haven't shown much else. At least it had some good impressions at E3 but thats not enough. There will most likely have a Nintendo Direct showcasing it tho, so that will help and hopefully some trailers before release. I still expect it to sell better than TMS at the very least.

Ok, I agree with you here. Let's wait and see how it all goes.

I just want a god damn release date for the game! It's got one in Japan (literally a week after Pokken DX). Where's ours in NA, NOA!?

" the team considered removing Lucina from the roster, but after talking to Nintendo, they realized how important she was"

Yeah, they shouldn't be making this game. I've played Awakening and I know she's important. I really hope they played the source material or had someone from Nintendo around before making this game.

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