Batman: The Telltale Series for Switch pops up in GameStop's system, available to preorder

Man, this is a saga that's been going on for quite some time, and today we have yet another hint at potential release. While you won't find it on GameStop's website, Batman: The Telltale Series has become available for preorder on the Switch. You'll have to head in-store to grab the preorder, but the game is definitely in GameStop's computer system. The listing shows the game priced at $40 and set for release on Oct. 3rd. Thanks to our inside source for the heads up!

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I hope the game doesn't run like garbage like on the other systems

I thought it ran fine in PS4 when I played it, no doubt though it'll probably run worse in Switch.

Digital foundry made a field day with this game last year :p

I think more I mean it wasn't enough to notice/bother me, where as when I played TT's Game of Thrones on PS3 it did.

Plus I may have played it after patches and what not, so it may have performed better than the version DF analysed.

Maybe, but given TT's track record with wonky console ports I generally stick to getting their games on PC. While I saw videos of people running into quite a bit of hitching and whatnot in Walking Dead on console, my playthrough of it on PC was completely smooth the whole way through.

Yeah, PC will no doubt give the best experience, but I'm a console gamer (PS4/Switch) so I'm probably more forgiving.

You know what they say; "Fool me once,..."

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