One Piece Unlimited World Red - Deluxe Edition - EU box

Here in the states, One Piece Unlimited World Red - Deluxe Edition isn't getting a retail release. It's a different story for fans over in Europe. Now you can check out the box for the upcoming game, and also grab a preorder via Amazon.

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Seeing this again makes me bitter.


Unlike Wii U switch is region free I am just importing a copy.

That may be good for you, but it does bugger all for those of us who want the PS4 version.

Where you importing it from? I only know of Amazon, and only Amazon UK has it and can't and won't deliver it here. Sad

Have you tried checking Play Asia? Even though it says Asia, they stock games from all regions.

Yeah, last time I checked, didnt have it...but remembered I ordered a game from 365games.co.uk in the past and they have a good price and low shipping to Canada. Came to 46.99(pounds) and 2.99(pounds) shipping, and looks like would come to around $82 my currency....which if it came out here, would have came to 90.36 after tax.

play-asia has it for preorder

Well, I ordered from 356Gaming...dealt with them before.

There's nothing to grief about. Selling a years old game for 59,99 Euros is simply insane, even with all the DLC. I will grab this when the price is at 25 Euros, which shouldn't take long for a Bamco game.

I already double dipped( 3DS and Wii U ), but if you're a fan and haven't played, go for it. Its a rather fun game.

I'm going to assume this is due to One Piece being more popular in Europe. I blame 4kids for forever ruining One Piece in the states =x.

I love One Piece, it's a shame it still fails to gain popularity in the states.

Cheese and crackers, we get digital again? This is why I never bought the Wii U version. Anyone know where can import it from? Amazon Canada doesnt have it, nor Amazon US, and Amazon UK wont ship to my location.

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