Xenoblade Chronicles 2 composer shares a detailed look at the immense scope of the project

The following info comes from composer Yasunori Mitsuda...

- the game's final mix was completed on August 1st
- the project is 1 terabyte of Pro Tools data alone
- Mitsuda has never exceeded 500 gigabytes before
- over 300 musicians were involved, using over 20,000 music manuscript papers
- Mitsuda thinks he might not get to do a project surpassing this one in his lifetime
- the creation of the music was challenging due to the workload involved
- finishing the project might have been impossible without using Sibelius (music creation program)
- mixing and production was done at Tokyo-based Procyon Studio in Suginami Ward, which is Yasunori Mitsuda’s own studio


Wow. That's dedication. To put that much work into a title for a fairly niche series. I respect that.

Yasunori Mitsuda's dedication to the Xeno series is inspiring, honestly. I love how every single one of the key players that've been involved in the series over the years still loves it to death.

I think the only thing that would make me happier than a new Xeno soundtrack led by Mitsuda is a new Chrono soundtrack led by him. In my dreams lol.

Sun Aug 13 17 01:19pm
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This game is going to be epic!!!!

I really wish they'd give us a demo.

After what I read/see about this game I might not need a demo.

I want the demo because I'm so thirsty for this game I need a little fix to hold me over before (what I think will be) it's December release. Like the Bayonetta 2 demo did for me on Wii U.

Mon Aug 14 17 07:36am
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Holy crap. Bayonetta 2 had a demo. I forgot about that haha. Where is Bayonetta 3???

I'm hoping to see it at E3 next year. Exclusive to the Switch, of course.

I would get nerdgasm if they tease it on a Direct, really. Just like last time :D

It needs to happen. Bayonetta 2 is such a great game. The best action game I've ever played. Say what you will about Wii U, but one thing is undeniable, Nintendo made some of their best games on the Wii U.

The Wii U is a misunderstood masterpiece with a lot of features never truøy used. And Bayonetta 2 is just.... PErfect!

We agree on that one.

Sun Aug 13 17 06:59pm
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I have to admit I'm a huge Xeno fan and I love Takahashi to death, and also Mitsuda for that matter, but apart from the music what they've shown so far has not left me as impressed as I was by the two first XB games before their respective release. Don't get me wrong I definitely trust Monolith to produce quality gamepaly and genre defining mechanics as well as I trust Takahashi to produce an overall great game and a great story and background. I also trust that Ninty will only want this to be released when it's ready. So I am basically sold on it already but I think they might need to up their game a little as far as the presentation of XB2 to the public is concerned.

First, I was underwhelmed by the character design choices, super shonen/manga/Tales of/KH-Nomura, compared to the more serious designs of the two first games that reminded me more of FFT and Ivalice games in general. These really suited the style of the XB series as well as their stories. This generic shonen style with cheap/tacky/horrible giant boob ladies though ? Not so much. They look pretty uninspired and I hope they don't reflect the story.

Then on top of that I have to admit what they've shown looked like it needed more polish technically and they also chose to show the beginning of the game so the combat looked like it lacked depth, diversity, and well a good amount of oomph, for lack of a better word, compared to the 2 first games. At this point in the dev cycle, we had seen Monado arts and crazy mecha enemies for XB and Skells as well as NLA for XBX. In comparison, we know pretty much nothing about XB2 and its background, and certainly nothing that would make me go OMG I need this.

You summed up very well pretty much all my feelings towards this game.

I'm excited about it, but only because the previous two games were amazing. The art style is really working against my hype. If this wasn't being developed by Monolith I probably wouldn't care at all, except, maybe, for the music.

You are not the first one to mention the character design. I also find it a bit off, really. But it is starting to sink in by now. And the game is still very secretive. Very odd they are acting like this with this game.

I agree with your statements but the artstyle has grown on me. also consider that if this follows the trend set by the other games and armour you equip will be reflected on screen. Pyra's design really doesn't look that much different than



But lets all be real about something, following up the megaton bomb that is Xenoblade Chronicles is a hard task for anyone. That game is iconic. It's the best JRPG I've played since Chrono Trigger. Let's temper our expectations.

I did not think of the whole armor thing. It could indeed help with some of the designs. Let's hope it is the case. Otherwise, I have nothing against sexy characters. I like them and I liked the type of sexy that "the character you mentionned" had. This character was by far one of my favorite characters ever in an rpg and that's definitely also thanks to the sexiness. Pyra though, I have to disagree, she has nothing to do with that insanely cool design you mentioned. Pyra is simply off when it comes to her proportions. And that's mainly due to the obsession that this game seems to have for giant boobs, which is new to the series and which is NOT welcome.

I know the boob slider that disappeared from the last game after its localization was considered a great loss by some of us gamers, but I actually seriously hope it's back for XB2 because I'm definitely going to use it.

So 1 TB of uncompress Music+sound?
Would explain why some Xbone(and Ps4) game are so big!

I'm sure this refers to the music project files, which have all the tracks recorded separately. Think how big an orchestra is, and all the different tracks from all the different microphones. The mixed-down tracks are nowhere near this size. Still, a terabyte is a tremendously large size even by these standards!

Sibelius is a program that generates musical notation (sheet music) from things like synthesizers and keyboard workstations: s great way to focus your work flow when arranging for hundreds of people, to be sure! When he says this project might have been impossible without such a tool, we can take him at his word.

Mon Aug 14 17 05:21pm
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