Bandai Namco reconfirms their Switch support

In a financial briefing with their investors, Bandai Namco once again confirmed their plans for Switch support. The company intense to release Switch titles “successively one after another”, beginning July 2017. We didn't get any more info on what the company is bringing to Switch, but those details should start coming out soon.

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Mon Aug 14 17 02:43pm
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Great! Now hurry up with that Taiko no Tatsujin game! I need to get my drummin' on!

Until then, ... we have the October PS4 game to tide the wait, I guess. :3

But I don't have a PS4... so I'll be drumming away on my Japanese 3DS instead...

Well, I'm interested in DBZ Fighters and whatever that Tales game is. The last one that I played was Xillia 2 so I don't a mind a Switch port of Berseria. Include some extras in it and I'll buy it.

Mon Aug 14 17 04:30pm
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How could I have completely forgotten about this and why has no one asked them directly about it? They said they had a Tales game coming to Switch and never said another word about it. Not which Tales game it is, not a time window for release. Nothing.

Xillia was the last one I played on PS3, so I prime for a new one.

Maybe around TGS time we'll get an official announcement. It's probably early for the next main title so it's likely a port(s) of the recent games. If not the recent ones, I would love to play Vesperia on the Switch. Bamco's flip flopping with the series is unfortunate though.

That depends... If Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 sells greater than they had expected on the Nintendo Switch, only then can Bandai Namco would bring Dragon Ball FighterZ to the Switch.

I'm aware of that circumstance but it doesn't make it any less ridiculous. Fighters Z is getting a lot of praise so it's natural fans want to see that type of game on the Switch rather than a port of a sequel to a completely different style of game that never came to the previous Nintendo system.

A rep from Bandai Namco had already made a decision after hearing the demands. If Xenoverse 2 sells well on the Nintendo Switch, then they will bring FighterZ to Nintendo's hybrid platform.

Was the statement from July or did they release something in July?

Namco Museum on the Switch came out last month.

I'm thinking to myself and there is literally no franchise from Namco I legitimately care about. Maybe Tekken or Soul Caliber would be cool to have on the system even if they aren't my type of games. Though I wouldn't mind if Namco announced a HD remake of Soul Caliber 2 for Switch (obviously the GCN version the best version) it's the only Soul Caliber game I enjoy.

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