Nicalis shows off new 3D mode of Cave Story's Quote

We're not quite sure what's going on here, but it's clear something is being teased. Could be an appearance in an indie game, or a new project altogether. We all know how Nicalis loves to tease, so it might be some time until we find out what's up here.

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I would LOVE if Nicalis put Cave Story 3D mode into Cave Story + on switch <3

I could go for Cave Story Prime.

I sense this is for that Brawlout game, sadly. Would be great if they got him in Blaster Master Zero though!

That's probably the most likely scenario. However, Brawlout isn't in entire 3D like this (been watching another indie who is featured there as well showing off their model. Two different styles here). There is something they might be doing with a 3D space, and I suspect it to be a form of party game.

Could be for a cameo appearance in Runner3

Oooh, I did like playing as him in the PC version of Runner 2 so I wouldn't mind that either

I think it's for Blade Stranger. Since they said they use 3D models for the game.

I dont really like the way he looks

Not really digging his facial expression. Looks a bit derpy.

As some people have mentioned I think he is making an appearance in Brawlout as a fighter alongside Drifter.

As I mentioned on another post, two different styles. Brawlout has a pseudo-3D effect. This is another character that appears in the same game.

Quote doesn't look like that, so it's for a different project.

Quote back to wearing gloves of dubious canonicity.

I don't get why Nicalis for whatever reason keeps showing off Cave Story every single time. It just makes their other games seem pointless to be shown off.

Tue Aug 15 17 03:32am
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If it's a whole new Cave Story project ...
I'd like to see a full remake or Better: a new prequel/ back-story presented in gorgeous hand drawn animation, reflecting the official artwork that we've come to love.🤓
-They should hire WayForward to do it too,
and why not get Jake Kaufman to rock the tunes!😎


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