Switch lottery lines continue in Japan, TV reporter can't find a Switch after visiting nearly 50 stores

Over 3,000 people, and 105 Switch units to sell. That was the situation with the latest Switch lottery, which was held in Tokyo’s Ikebukuro. Nintendo is definitely getting more stock out there, but the situation is still a rough one.

Japanese morning show Tokudane sent out one of their reporters to assess the situation. The reporter was looking to walk into a retailer and buy a Switch. As you can guess, it didn't go well. After visiting 48 different retailers, not a single one of them had a Switch to purchase.

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Was the Wii audience on par with that of the Switch?

Probably, but they were able to produce more.

At least in America it seems the supply issue is finally over. Last time I went to my nearest BB, Walmart and GameStop I saw lots of units available.

I've yet to see a Switch in the wild yet, but it wouldn't shock me if Nintendo reaches the saturation point by year's end. Once you sell the Switch to all the people who bought a WiiU, the real problem arises. How do you sell the system to people who aren't die hard Nintendo fans?

Maybe the Japanese people should try importing from the US. lol

Remember when Europe was on the short end all the time? And nowadays there are no Switches in Japan, while we have dozens of them in each and every store Smile

Pretty sure by the time they fix the issue the patience of some of these people waiting will be long gone.

It's easy to find Switchs on stores here on Brazil, but they are really expensive.

Another week another article about ridiculous long raffle lines for a Nintendo Switch. It's been 6 months, just import one already.

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