SEGA says there are no plans for DLC for Sonic Mania

With Sonic Mania, what you see is what you get. If you were hoping for some DLC for the game, it appears you're out of luck. When SEGA's Takashi Iizuka was asked about the chances of DLC, he said there are currently no plans. Sonic Mania isn't just old-school with its presentation, it's also going back to the days of a fully-featured game at a single price!

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Wed Aug 16 17 04:54pm
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"back to the days of a fully-featured game at a single price!"

Maybe next time... I'll get to be Amy Rose...!

Wed Aug 16 17 04:03pm
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That last line of this post really shouldn't be lost in the modern air! Take notes, other game devs/publishers.

I actually prefer this. I see the appeal of DLC when it's done right as a true value-add well down the road, but it's almost never done that way. I miss the days of a game being whole and complete on release.

Can't say I agree with how Nintendo handles Amiibo, but their actual DLC (or at least the DLC I've purchased) is some of the best in the industry.

I'm looking at Mario Kart 8 and BoTW. BoTW is an assumption because I still have so much to do in the base game that I haven't even played the DLC I've purchased a couple weeks back (and this is my second play through as I originally purchased the game on Wii U).

I was kind of hoping for some extra, optional content. This is a solid game, I'd love to see more out of it. Or at least amiibo support.

Wed Aug 16 17 04:54pm
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"back to the days of a fully-featured game at a single price!"

Now get to work on a damn physical release. Also how about a sequel that is all-new zones? Please?

I wouldn't mind a sequel and yes all new zones would be nice however Print Garden and Titanic Monarch (ESPECIALLY this one) just didn't cut it for me. Studiopolis and Mirage Saloon (Act 2) were great so more stages designed like that please.

Wed Aug 16 17 06:45pm
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Heard the playtime is a little on the short side. Maybe I contradict myself here, but seeing the higher price for a Switch Retail-Game with about 4-6 hours playtime will definitely hurt my wallet. We all know there is no need to charge 10 Bucks more for Switch games in boxed versions. So, if there will ever be a boxed version of Sonic Mania, the Switch Version will definitely not be my first choice. I couldn't resist by the way and purchased it via the eShop, since there were 5 dusty Bucks on my eShop Account left.

I'm disappointed that there will be no DLC. This is one of the few example a DLC could be very neat. Yes, I'm an Amy Fanboy (in my case, Fangirl). Additional Characters are awesome when I look back at Inti Creates Blaster Master Zero and Mighty Gunvolt Burst.

I actually would love to see new story campaigns. So much potential here. I really appreciate their decision in an day and age where a century old game like Dear or Alive 5 is getting it's 7th Season Pass. But here, I see a wasted opportunity.

Really hope they will continue this Sonic revival and I wouldn't mind a few DLC. There are very few games who can profit from DLC content.

Dang, out of all the games I would've been more than alright with forking money over for DLC! But I can appreciate, as others have said, a fully complete game.

Definitely a rare sight in modern gaming.

Wed Aug 16 17 08:39pm
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No need for DLC. Save it all for a complete sequel. I'm sure Whitehead and co should have no problem getting that greenlit if they want.


Thu Aug 17 17 03:04am
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With Sonic Mania, what you see is what you get.


Nice to hear that. Save all the new stuff for a sequel.

I miss the old days when every game handled it that way.

There's no need for DLC, but it'd be nice if they added in the Hyper Emeralds.

This is the type of game where I would be just fine giving them more money for DLC. The game you buy is clearly the full package with nothing held back. Given the length of the game, a few new zones/features for a few bucks each to give the game some more replayability a few months later wouldn't be that bad.

It's like Breath of the Wild. You get the full package, but a in a few months you go back to the game for some nice bonus DLC. There is nothing wrong with this style of DLC.


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