Level-5 might have teased Inazuma Eleven Ares for Switch

Check out this discussion, which comes from Level-5's Inazuma Eleven live-stream earlier today. The discussion is between the live-stream's MC, and Level-5 CEO Akihiro Hino...

MC: People are asking which console it will be released for.

Hino: Well, no one would thought it will be 3DS after they saw the footage we showed on the last stream.

MC: Please also release it for 3DS.

Hino: No no no no… Sw….

MC: Swi….I will buy whatever console you’ll release [Inazuma Eleven] on. But currently it’s really difficult to buy a Switch, so…

Hino: What? Who said it is for Switch?

I mean, that certainly seems like a tease for the Switch. People have been thinking this would come to Switch for a long time now. We know it's not for 3DS! If only Level-5 would come right out and say where the game is heading!

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Just bring it stateside, regardless. I don't need to be force fed a short-handed FIFA.

I like the look.

On an unrelated note but still Level-5. I'd love that new Ni No Kuni game to come to Switch. Hell, I'll even buy a port of the old one.

Maybe he was referring to "Swing" or "Swim"...

Bring the anime over first.


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