Sakamoto would love to make another 2D Metroid as long as fan support is there

Coming from a Game Informer interview with series producer Yoshio Sakamoto...

“Through the development of Metroid: Samus Returns, I was able to really grasp the possibility and fun of a 2D Metroid. Like when I finished the first game, if there is another opportunity to make another Metroid, that is something that I would love to do. Of course, that really depends on how much people really want to buy a 2D Metroid.”

Obviously you can show your support for a 2D Metroid buy buying Metroid: Samus Returns. I'm guessing plenty of you are looking to do that!


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Sat Aug 19 17 11:46pm
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Sure Sakamoto, just stay far away from writing any story for them.

Well, I guess that means if we end up in another dark age of spinoffs because this game does badly, I'll know just who to blame. I'm REALLY hoping this sells well, for the sake of having Metroid V happen.

A franchise can end up in a dark age of spin offs for numberous reasons. Donkey Kong went through a dark age because Rare went to Microsoft. Animal Crossing went into a dark age because the developers wanted Amiibos.

Really? I thought DK spin offs weren't that bad....

I didn't say they were bad. I said they were smaller spinoffs. Just like Federation Force which wasn't really a bad game either. Not great, but not bad. Just like King of Swing.

Did you just insult Jungle Beat, King of Swing and Jungle Climber? Those were great!
The Donkey Kongas I could do without though...

Jungle Beat is the only good one out of those (Even if I prefer the Wii version to the GCN original). King of Swing and Jungle Climber are extremely mediocre (though I do love the fanservice). The Konga games are extremely lame and I'll admit Barrel Blast isn't a great game but it's a guilty pleasure of mine.

I'm the opposite. I love the heck out of King of Swing and Jungle climber. Its a pretty cool concept.

So did I. But I also thought Federation Force was just as good as those games. Didn't change the fact that it had been around 10 years since both series got a true AAA title.

Sun Aug 20 17 12:38am
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Umm...you do know that Prime is a spin off right?

Sun Aug 20 17 09:33am
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Fully aware. Don't like any of them. Played Prime 2 growing up and it drove me insane, while I tried Prime 1 on the Wii U and found it OK but not that great. Prime 3/hunters are the only ones I haven't touched since I need to beat prime 1/2 first but I doubt they're anything that'll blow me away. I really want to get Pinball though

Prime 3 is one of my favorites in the series. Really enjoyed it.

Sat Aug 19 17 11:46pm
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Sure Sakamoto, just stay far away from writing any story for them.

I dunno. During a developer diary(?) at E3 he made sure to remind everyone that the Baby Metroid debuted in Metroid 2. He described as an "important character".

I'm not a betting man but I don't think we're outta the woods yet.


Yeah just imagine Metroid V could have an actual story that fits on more than a postage stamp. God forbid that ever happens.

Why can't anyone just forgive Sakamoto-san for his mistake in Other M? He even stated that he regretted doing something like that in the first place.

Because that's how people are these days. Heaven forbid you make a mistake or say something you shouldn't have, the Internet won't be happy unless you're a complete social pariah after. No forgiveness. :/

Which is sad because this guy was in charge of several cool projects like Rhythm Heaven, Wario Ware and the first Kid Icarus game....infact, he's one of the creators of Kid Icarus...the one I argue needs more attention than Metroid if you ask me.

I know that he regrets making a story-focused Metroid, sure, but I've never seen him respond to criticism with the story itself. I'm not sure if he fully realizes the problem with the way he wrote Samus and Adam, or that people don't care about The Baby™.

I don't really feel the need to forgive him or anything, but I do kinda pity him. I think he really believed he wrote a good story, and wasn't aware of the contemporary Japanese brand of sexism that shaped the way he wrote it.

"He even stated that he regretted doing something like that in the first place."

Can we get a link on this? The only hits I am getting on Google for anything like that all involve the super-fake article about him saying that the game was not received well because gamers do not like playing as girls.

"Sakamoto: To be honest, as far as wanting to change that depiction of Samus, I made what I wanted to make. It did give me some momentum, I guess, and the ability to look at Samus from a new viewpoint, and maybe reconsider what I wanted to show about her."

That does not sound like regret at all, lol.

Bleh, people still sulk about Other M? What year is it? Sorry I asked, it must be 2010.

Sat Aug 19 17 11:49pm
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Hell yeah. I'm buying this game, so keep 'em coming.

Well they can count on me to get them. Hopefully the series hasn't been dormant for too long in order for younger gamers to know or care about it.

A new 2D Metroid? hell yeah!

With Sakamoto on charge? HELL NO!

He has already done 3 awful Metroids and it seems he is about to make a 4th bad one..and he is still in charge? geez!

Other M and what two others?

The only awful one he was involved with was Other M, and the gameplay itself was great, it was the script and story that was bad. The original Metroid 2 was the only other main franchise title that was awful and he wasn't involved with it. Federation Force, he was only an advisor on. So he would have only made sure the game fit inside the Metroid Universe he wouldn't have had much say in the direction of the gameplay.

Just keep him away from the script and we should be fine.

The original Metroid 2 was the only other main franchise title that was awful and he wasn't involved with it.

Stopped reading right there. Unlike Other M, Metroid 2 was a best seller in the US and Europe. Also unlike Other M, it was produced by the father of Metroid, Gunpei Yokoi.

What? Every 2D entry Sakamoto has been involved with has been great. Other M wasn't, but transitioning into 3D isn't easy.

Iga was the same way with the Castlevania series and nobody hates him.

Sun Aug 20 17 01:49pm
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He's not in charge. He's overseeing Samus Returns as a producer, and I personally don't see him taking a more active role than that in the foreseeable future.

Yeah. I want and would buy a 2D Metroid.

A FULLY 2D Metroid. Sprites. You know. Like Metroid.

I get that everyone has their personal preferences, but when it comes to "2D Metroid," for me it's a style of gameplay we're talking about. I could care less if they use sprites or polygonal models or photographs of their turds.

Fact is, polygons in "2.5D" games, always tend to play and feel much "floatier" and less precise than sprites. You typically find tighter controls and more solid game mechanics with sprites in 2D games. That is why, beyond simply aesthetic preferences, that I prefer sprite based side-scrollers, and sprite-based Metroid in particular.

Fair point and I completely understand where you're coming from. Personally, I'm ok with either. I've played enough of both that I feel like I can adapt to whatever is presented to me. Been a huge Metroid fan since the NES days though, so I completely get what you are saying, though.

As long as there is no story in the games like in Other M the support will be there.

When I replayed Other M the story felt even worse than i remembered. The worst Samus ever. The gameplay was not bad, but the Samus-Like character destoyed everything.

Oh cool now they have an excuse not to make another after this inevitably flops in Japan

Just a quick fact check before the anti-sakamoto crowds gets too nervous (oops too late it seems) here's what he did working on the franchise :
- Metroid, co-directed
- Super Metroid, directed and wrote the scenario
- Metroid Fusion, directed and wrote the scenario
- Metroid Zero Mission, directed
- Metroid Other M, produced, directed and wrote the scenario
- Metroid Samus Returns, produced

So yeah. I guess just because poeple didn't like one game on that list, and collectively decided to crucify it to the point where they almost killed the franchise, giving us in the process a beautiful example of collective journalistic sh*t-storm, I guess that means his track record is OMG SO CRAP ! drama-queen tone intended.

Other M deserves most of the hatred. Level design, controls and story are three really bad parts of the game. The story is not only bad, it's too much story and too little game. Super Metroid did story telling perfect.

See I don't think that's true. Gameplay wasn't bad. Bad controls would have meant that they were not functional, which they were. They worked fine. We could argue that more traditional controls would have been preferable to some gamers, but the controls as they were presented worked.

The level design was fine, even though it was more of a space station metroid like Fusion was. That means more limited map less intricate also. In many ways this game is tied to Fusion anyway and designed to be played more like a less expansive game, more of a replayable military mission with a more straightforward, fast-paced feel than say, super metroid which was more of an exploration game in an opened area.

The story, well there is so much to say about it. Let's just say I liked it, I found it refreshing when compared to most of what the industry had to offer at that time. I also found that the story was interesting in its way of showing the protagonist as a three-dimensional human character and as a female character.

But anyway that's beside the point I was making, which simply was that a lot of gamers want Sakamoto out simply because they didn't like Other M and they forget to consider all the other games he's worked on for the franchise. He wrote the story for two the three games that are generally considered the best in the main franchise. He's got a great track record.

I agree with your main point about Sakamoto.

I actually liked Other M's story. I don't think most people understand the concept. she's not whinining throughout the game in real time, she's emotional because the entire game is just a memory of her friend who she's grieving. I guess I was a bit more open minded when playing because prime 3 and hunters were the only metroid games I played at that point

Anyway I wasn't a fan of the gameplay. I thought it was bland and repetitive and after replaying recently (after playing through all the prime games) the game severely lacked exploration

Other M's story isn't bad in theory, its the execution that missed the mark. In my opinion, if most people didn't "understand it", it's probably the fault of the writer.

The problem, at least in my eyes, wasn't that Samus was whining or anything. It's that the entire script was written with a lot of subtle (and unintentional) sexism. Samus is never presented as a strong, independent woman in the game. Sometimes she's a strong "daughter", growing past the need for her father figure, Adam. Other times she's a strong "mother", moving on from her grief over the loss of the baby Metroid. It's a very typical way for a man to write a woman character, and it's kind of boring. That, coupled with the unclear Ridley PTSD scene and a thousand shots of Samus in her skintight Zero Suit, adds up to a lot of problems.

Sun Aug 20 17 02:46pm
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I agree that Other M's story problems was due to poor execution, not necessarily from a bad concept. Nintendo just aren't the best story tellers - they don't pull out all the stops very often. Lack of experience is why Other M and Breath of the Wild's cinematic moments come off as amateurish. It's the work of amateur story tellers. Probably wouldn't be the case if they'd been practicing this as long as a developer like Naughty Dog, who are excellent story tellers.

I attribute the gameplay problems to the dumb philosophies Nintendo had at the time. They forced that stupid sideways Wii remote and made the levels designs too straight forward as to not scare off the Wii Bowling grannies (who won't play Metroid anyway).

It's a shame because there's still some good stuff there. I'm glad the melee combat ideas didn't completely die, as we can see they carried over to Samus Returns in a way.

Sun Aug 20 17 08:53pm
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Very much agree. Having played Other M in both English and Japanese, I was able to get a better view of the story in general. The Japanese version made a lot more sense and flowed a bit better overall. There were some weird translations as well as not well directed voice acting.

One complaint I never understood was the Adam Samus interactions. Specifically, people seem to complain about Samus taking orders from Adam. Was the power up mechanism silly and senseless? Sure. The actual interactions made a lot of sense. Samus received a distress signal from a GFed owned ship. Adam, the GFed in charge of the GFed led rescue allowed Samus to stay on the ship and help as long as she followed orders. Seeing as Samus was used to Adam being a commander, falling into the military hierarchy wasn't an issue.

I do not logically understand why people wanted her to rebel against what she agreed on, following orders as one does in a military operation. Yes, she is a very capable individual but she also knows how to work in a "group" if needed. My two cents on the Other M complaints.

Overall, I quite enjoyed it (the Japanese version more so). Controls worked but would have been better on a traditional control pad. Gameplay was smooth and felt rewarding. Samus was much more dynamic as well. Instead of being a turret, the close combat maneuvers brought more deadly grace to our favorite interstellar bounty hunter. Good concepts and I would love to have a similar prequel that outline some of her life in the GFed world/what the hell happened to the ship Adam's brother died in. That was an important part of shaping Samus in the calmer, more mature hunter she is now.

Skintight zero suit I can understand, even though that wasn't too much of a problem for me since I know team ninja and I was personally scared that they would do much worse. SO that kind of undermined that effect on me. ^^

The rest of it though... Look, I consider myself a feminist, but that does not mean I reject traditional depictions of women. They are still there, women still think that way for a lot of them and these are still the codes that are used in a good part of our society to talk about women. Even women talking about themselves would more often that not use those codes. The codes are not bad in themselves though, it's what you do with them that can be bad and degrading. Commenting on the condition of daughters or mothers is not in itself a bad thing.

So because of that, the problem might come from what you perceive as a good character in a game. Does a character in a game need to be a perfect depiction of a man or a woman because it has a responsibility towards society to show examples of what good men and women roles can be ? Or does a game character be flawed, have moments of weakness, because it needs to be realistic to make the story believable. Choose your side but I definitely thought Samus in Other M was a lot more believable, with her moments of pure badassery and her more emotional moments, with her phases where she would give in to more stereotypical aspects of her feminity or her phases where she would precisely kick these in the *ss because she knows she is also something else, a military and a lone warrior. So it seems to me it comes down to what you want from a video game character. Now I don't think it's very reasonable to expect video game characters to all bear the responsibility of showing kids "good" depictions of gender (what's a "good"
depiction of a woman anyway, isn't that a sexist idea in itself?).

Another quick idea, anyway being a "daughter" for example or a "mother" are moments of women's lives that are only reserved to them. Men can't experience that ever, especially the mother bit which is something that very few games touch upon and I was glad Other M did so. In that sense, isn't that more bold and accurate anyway to look into and try to grasp what specifically makes women women to tell a story about a woman. Especially these days, it is brave to do something like that. Anyway, it is braver than most female depictions in video games as they usually just are bi-dimensional characters, damsels in distress, or just blank slate to avoid any issues with feminists. At any rate it is more interesting than simply having the equivalent of a male character with boobs, since that is the trend with feminist-friendly characters these days. And it works too ^^ Turn your female characters into male stereotypes. How does that help female condition in any way ? How is that not sexist ?

I think this game crystallized a lot of confusion about nowadays feminism and the question of women in video games simultaneously. And frankly, most things I've read about it just served to show how bad the situation was and how urgent it was to talk about it. And also it showed how a game can take a huge backlash because of a couple misconceptions when in fact it could have been actually well criticized as being rather forward thinking in that regard even if it's definitely not perfectly executed.

Yeah, you got me there lol. Suit-less Samus stands out drastically from the other characters, but it still could have been a lot more fanservice-y than it was.

And, uh, maybe you misunderstand me. I'm not saying that it's always wrong to put women in traditional roles, or that it's not okay to write women as mothers and daughters. I'd actually love to see more "strong mothers" in gaming.

I seriously do commend Other M for attempting to give Samus flaws. I agree with you, it's a lot more interesting than anything the series had tried to do with her up to that point… which wasn't much LOL. It's just that the flaws they wrote her with made her feel like a very different character than the Samus of past games I played. I use the word "independent", not because that's my perception of the ideal woman or anything silly, but because that's how Samus prefers to operate. Seeing her react and grow emotionally attached to other characters didn't feel believable, maybe just because the story didn't do a proper job of writing those characters and their relationships to Samus. If the story fails to get me, the player, to grow an emotional attachment to the same characters that Samus is attached to, there's a disconnect between my actions and her actions.

I'm not just trying to accuse Other M of being a game with an all-encompassing sexist message; I know nothing like that was intended, and I know that a lot of the negativity around this game comes from misconceptions. It's just a story about growing up. But it's still a poorly written story about growing up, featuring a long-established gaming mascot as its lead, and it leaves a lot of crucial relationships unexplored. And, if you ask me, the setting the story was written around is not where these relationships could have been best explored. Other M was a mess, destined to be misunderstood from the beginning.

Yes it could have used more opened level design and more exploration I agree. I think the idea was to make it feel more like Fusion than Metroid 3 but what passed as being forgiveable by the fans on a portable game, could not be overlooked as easily with a 3d console game. I think fans already did not like Fusion's more limited map that much but simply didn't blame the game because of their understanding that it was on a portable system. It is possible that Nintendo thought it was okay to make a smaller game because nobody really complained with Fusion, but it was a mistake to think they could do the same on a console game.

As for the story, I'm a die hard metroid fan and I can tell you I enjoyed Other M's narrative a lot more than the Prime triolgy which don't offer much in that regard. What the Prime games are really good at is fleshing out the background and the universe but that's different from a proper narrative. I thought Other M delivered a solid story with an interesting character development and pretty original and surprising (on Ninty's part) depiction of a female character.

Mon Aug 21 17 05:50am
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I agree 100%. Your comment should have been top rated instead imo.


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