Monolith Soft shows off art for their action project

Monolith Soft doesn't even have Xenoblade Chronicles 2 out the door and they're already showing off art for their new project. The company is currently recruiting to help with this game, and they're saying it's a bit different than the titles they've put out thus far. If the art is any indication, this is one to keep an eye on.

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Sun Aug 20 17 11:46pm
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I deeply hope that this is really from their next project, looks so amazing and beautiful...

So, it's not baten kaitos 3 Sad

Mon Aug 21 17 12:51am
Rating: 2

Oh man... We are boarding the hype train before it even gets on the tracks... I'm on board right now

This looks amazing. I really hope this isn't an MMO. Give me an action RPG like the Witcher or something. Or another Baten Kaitos.

I started laughing at first at the speediness of this when I switched to the second image. I stopped, went dead silent and a small tear built up in my eye. (That's gorgeous...)

Mon Aug 21 17 05:39am
Rating: 1 (Updated 1 time)

I mentionned the art from XB2 was not my type and I hated the fanservice.
Now this there is right up my alley.

It looks like a cooler version of dragon's dogma which would be great. Like drangon's dogma with an actual sense of character and world design.

Ok the second picture apprently is NOT from the new project.
While pictures#1 and #3 are directly taken from the recruitment ad that is presented on the site as being tied to the new project, #2 however is from a general recruitment ad for the company which is separated from the first one.

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