Hamster files for Arcade Archives trademark

Hamster calls their line of Neo Geo re-releases under the Arcade Archives name, and now it seems the company wants to make that official. They've set out to get a trademark for the name, which would seem to indicate that they have plans for even more Neo Geo titles on the way.

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My switch is full of arcade games and I love it. I probably play more arcade games than modern games anyway so it suits me!

Good keep them coming. As far as I'm concerned this is filling the gap left by lack of VC games. I love Neo Geo too so being able to play games like metal slug 3 on the go is a huge deal for me. I also hope they manage to get a hold of more obscure arcade games that never got a console release like "Ninja baseballbatman" "WWF wrestlefest" and "Demon front" (that last one is seriously great and impossible to get)

How about adding the same Arcade Games that were on the PS4 on the Switch? Like Haunted Castle (Which STILL has yet to come to America, much to the dismay of many a Castlevania fan)?

I'd like it more if they added more of the non-Neo Geo stuff that PS4 owners have been enjoying. I'd buy pretty much all of their Konami catalogue if they just wanted to put it on there.

I actually think this is for standard Arcade Archives on Nintendo Switch, which unlike ACA NEOGEO, standard Arcade Archives is currently only on PS4.

I've been enjoying Galaxy Fight and Blazing Star. I picked up Alpha Mission II, and I think it is alright. The only dud so far is Sengoku. It is mildly interesting because it is so random though.


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