RUMOR - SNES Classic Edition may not release in Quebec

Coming from a VICE article...

The SNES Classic will launch in Canada on September 29, but not in Quebec, according to two EB Games employees in the Montreal area who spoke to Motherboard under the condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to speak to media on the matter. According to both employees, who were located at separate stores, this decision is related to the province's notoriously strict language requirements, which protect the use of French in the province and mandate that business be done in French.

We've heard of this situation before with other products, so this isn't hard to believe. Hopefully Nintendo sorts things out and gets the system released in Quebec.

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So if they make a French-only version, it'll be extremely rare.

Shh... Don't say that, the scalpers might be listening.

And that's why, Nintendo should also made a version with the PAL ROMs and not just a JP and US version (yes, the EU also has the US ROMs) --- several games on the SNES mini received a French localization back in the days - and I guess the Quebecian could live with 50 Hz Mode (50 Hz is one of the reasons we Euros don't get "our versions" we remember, because EVERYTHING has to be 60 Hz today, yadda yaddy yadda)

I'm wondering if the issue isn't packaging (though you're correct that, by law, if a game is offered somewhere in the world in French it must also be offered in Quebec in French or not at all). Translating to French Canadian (let alone Quebecois) is expensive and for a limited item probably not worth the hassle, even for Nintendo.

I may have missed a story regarding this, but Best Buy Canada has also stated it will not be available in Quebec: https://twitter.com/BBYC_GamersClub/status/900034235767160837

Ah! Damned! Seriously!? We had the same problem with Rock Band 2 some years ago. :/

Stick it to them Nintendo. In Canada you can only find laptops with bilingual keyboards (which have tiny shift keys + a bunch of other hideous symbols) because of French demands, who are only a small fraction of the population

I wonder how gaming was like in Quebec in the eighties and early nineties, when only a very small fraction of video was available localized into any other language than English.

The French Language Office said that if a text-heavy game have a french version existing somewhere on the globe, the release in Quebec must be translated in french. I think ALttP and FF3 fit the description.

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