Ace Combat 7 producer says he doesn't think Switch can handle the game's tech

Coming from a DualShockers interview with Producer Kazutoki Kono...

- Switch is a “very attractive platform”
- doesn’t think it could handle Ace Combat 7‘s technology

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mystical bovine
Wed Aug 23 17 11:46am
Rating: 8

"Doesn't think" = hasn't tried

mystical bovine
Wed Aug 23 17 11:46am
Rating: 8

"Doesn't think" = hasn't tried

Hmm...so the Switch ain't powerful enough even though its an attractive platform...must be rocket since to NOT believe that they don't wanna support the Switch.

Just remove the "Innovation in the sky" and the game is up and running on switch, like fancy clouds and graphical updates would change anything to the core game. It's just an excuse not to bring the game to Switch.

Game development is so easy, you just flick a switch and the game should just work™ on other platforms!

Well whatever... their loss. With WiiU and even Wii to a lesser extent, there was a valid argument to not porting games. The default control schemes for those systems meant retooling the game, perhaps spending time developing second-screen experiences in the case of WiiU. Not every game benefitted from second screen gameplay or motion controls.

But Switch is much more traditional. And EVERY game benefits from portability. Developers like these could hit gold by porting games like this to Switch, filling that niche as it were. Oh well, their loss.

Scamco can fuck off. All of their Swich games announced so far have been piss poor Wii U/3DS ports that no one cares about.

If the truth was told Nintendo probably had to pay for their shit quality Xenoverse 2 port while the other consoles get the new game.

I mean is anyone really surprised by this? Switch is vastly underpowered compared to PS4/Xbone. Of course it can't run on Switch unless you want a watered-down version.

But it's using Unreal Engine 4, that's one of the engines Nintendo made damn sure could run just fine on the console. Hell they're even using the engine for the new Yoshi game!

Thu Aug 24 17 02:45am
Rating: 1

Most people here are so silly, the switch is not powerful.. He is being honest, 100%

Deal with it fanboys, its going to miss out on LOTS of games

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