Pokken Tournament DX demo has a 15 battle limit (UPDATE)

UPDATE - Want to get around the limit? Just delete the demo and download it again to give yourself another 15 battles!

I sure hope you didn't plan on spending too much time with the Pokken Tournament DX demo. Unfortunately there's a limit to how much you can play it, and that limit sits at a paltry 15 battles. Seems like that could be blown through really quickly. Do your best to have some fun with it while you can!


I thought they had stopped this awful practice. Anyway, people are saying in the source thread that you can delete the demo and reset the limit? If so, it's really dumb there's a limit in the first place.

Wed Aug 23 17 03:16pm
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Ah, so they actually have coding in-game to limit plays unlike on Wii U. Previously the Wii U demo only allowed 5 plays, but you can spend as long as you want with each play until your 5th play session ends.

3 battles is roughly 10 to 15 minutes so you get about an hour of game-time give or take a few minutes if the battles go faster/slower than usual. It's fair. I just don't know if The Pokemon Company will ask for the Wii U demo to get pulled though.

EDIT - Ah, was slow to post and that Reddit thread points out an exploit to refresh the demo limit. I expect a new firmware update to quash that exploit.

This game has NOTHING to do with Gamefreak ;)

Whoops. Last post edited. Thanks for catching that.

Is it at least online?

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