Nintendo says the Rhythm Heaven franchise isn't dead

A few days back, our friend Jonathan Holmes put together a feature stating inside information on the Rhythm Heaven series. According to his sources, the series was being shelved altogether, which made many fans quite angry. Now Nintendo has been asked about the report, and they deny it completely.

According to Nintendo's Yoshio Sakamoto, producer on multiple entries in the series, the franchise isn't dead. In a Eurogamer interview, Sakamoto very clearly states that the franchise isn't dead, no questions about it. Nintendo doesn't usually give out straightforward answers like this, which certainly makes me feel like the future of the franchise shouldn't be worried about.


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Thu Aug 24 17 04:31pm
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"Wubba dubba dubba is that true?"


"Whoa, you go, big guy!"

Hmm, it's almost like our friend Mr. Holmes was making dramatic assumptions based on hearsay.

Maybe I'm just letting Nintendo drag me around, but I feel like an English localization for Mother 3 has been in the works for a while, and it's coming soon. Or maybe not. At least Rhythm Heaven is saved for now lol.

I basically feel the same way. Destructoid has had more "leaks" or "rumors" that were completely untrue than true. You really shouldn't trust random inside sources at all unless it's something they can show you inexplicable proof on.

Especially rumors from twitter that goes by the name Luara Kate Dale.

Come now, LKD was right about all the unannounced games, they just didn't announce them all in January.

Thu Aug 24 17 07:12pm
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Still waiting on that Smash 4 port, Pokémon Stars, and BG&E2 exclusivity (on top of the several claims that were debunked), but I can't be bothered being called a "sexist" again for not believing bogus rumours.

Thu Aug 24 17 07:52pm
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I don't think even LKD even knew if it was right or not. Besides, there was Pokémon, Smash, and I think a list of switch games that included something like Earth Defense Force 5 that didn't came to be.

I'm surprised that there still are people defending her. And even when people defend her, y'all did a pretty good job at it by making her twitter account a living nightmare. Plus, LKD is not a good person. It was hilarious to see people here worship her on a pedestal instead of treating her rumors with a grain of salt like everyone else.

Seems to be the case with many of the people who contribute to the rumour mill, not just her.

A lot of people in Gonintendo used her word as gospel; in fact, RMC joined in on it. It was quite disgusting that people put their bias on rumors that had just as much credit as everyone else, and yet she gets a free pass because she was "accurate" a few times. And those few times seemed more like a no brainer than it was a rumor. I also stress that she is NOT A GOOD PERSON. But hey, even a broken clock can be right twice.

I had a pretty good laugh on the fact that people turned on her. I actually feel bad for her, now that people scapegoat her. I haven't seen people losing that much faith since 2012.

Sorry if I rambled too much, but I wanted to remind people why Laura Kate Dale used to be a big deal here and how people suddenly turn their backs on her.

She just "guessed" that Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle" was a thing? Pretty lucky guess. You sound VERY worked up. Using words like "worship?" Sounds like it's not about the rumors to you.

Because I remember even RMC posting "This is a rumor, but this person seems accurate" spiel every time Emily Rogers or Laura Kate Dale are mentioned. No one should put that much faith in rumors. I also remember that long list of Japanese games that were supposedly goning to be on the switch. Still waiting on Gundam vs and earth defense force 5.

But you're bringing it up on an only tangently related topic ten months later. "This person seems accurate" and your response is "NOBODY should have *that much faith* in rumors!" Saying someone 'seems accurate' doesn't seem worth all this handwringing.

"This might be a decent sandwich." "NOBODY should have THAT MUCH FAITH in a sandwich!"

I mean, seriously! Notice how the male cis-gender person who posted the relevant rumor to this post a day or two ago has gotten no mention from you, but you leaped at the chance to start talking crap about someone who posted a set of rumors TEN MONTHS AGO, many of which have proven true and many of which are still up in the air (honestly, Nintendo don't have to announce games on any of our schedules, just to prove online rumors true or false) or not accurate. And you are suddenly extremely passionate about THAT. I just don't understand your motivation, or rather I worry I do, and I don't really approve. Rumors are usually not true, period. That's why they are called 'rumors.' I'd like to believe you'd be half so worked up about something that actually matters like pollution or child abuse, but I'm not really convinced.

For someone complaining about a poster being "worked up" you sound pretty worked up yourself.

1) I brought up because people believed in rumors despite Nintendo never clarifying it. LKD is a good example of that.

2) No one should have faith in rumors because they usually don't post sources for their rumors.

3) I don't give five ****s about gender. You really are grasping straws there. In fact. I didn't know or care about her gender until people brought it up about who she was.

4) Nintendo doesn't announce these because I doubt they even know what most of these companies will release.

5) Did LKD happen to have some things right? Yes. Did she also have some things wrong like Emily Rogers? Yes.

6) I'm also inclined to believe that you're not triggered by my posts. But I'm not convinced.

Thu Aug 24 17 11:46pm
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My guess is that they fervently defend these sorts of people because they say things that seem plausible and/or are the things they want to hear. But yeah, they are just setting themselves up for disappointment in case they're wrong (as was the case recently with the whole Pokémon Stars ordeal) and they just feed into the gargantuan ego some of these "leakers" have.

I also wish people would just treat their words as grains of salt, because everyone can claim they have an uncle who works at Nintendo.

Thu Aug 24 17 04:02pm
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We have to remember that Holmes was reporting the general opinion of some person who was associated with Nintendo in some way. Not very reliable.

Nothing to say about Mother 3 though...

Thu Aug 24 17 04:10pm
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Probably because Sakamoto didn't work on Mother 3, and Eurogamer didn't ask him about it. They specifically and only asked about Rhythm Heaven.

Thu Aug 24 17 04:07pm
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Unless I am mistaken, Holmes didn't even actually say it was dead, just that there was a good possibility because Iwata was the driving force behind why it kept going. While the GN article said RUMOR: MOTHER 3/RHYTHM HEAVEN DEAD INSIDE SOURCE SAYS, the actual quote was just an assumption based on "I heard Iwata was the main reason these were going forward, so with him gone, it is less likely".

Sounds more like GoNintendo or whoever sent it in was the one jumping the gun here.

I don't think any of Nintendo's franchises are really dead... it's just a matter of whether or not they feel it's the "right time" to make a new one.

And before someone brings up Earthbound, that series isn't dead, it's "complete".

It is stupid to think that an IP like Rhythm Heaven would be dead all of a sudden. Its even stupid to think that such a rumor can even spread that possibility of a well known IP doing that bad.

Rhythm Heaven is the most popular one both in Japan and US. How Nintendo would think its not doing so well is beyond me....

Thu Aug 24 17 04:31pm
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"Wubba dubba dubba is that true?"


"Whoa, you go, big guy!"

I can't begin to express how amazingly perfect this is.

Thu Aug 24 17 09:48pm
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I like to believe Sakamoto spent the rest of the interview doing this:

"Is Rhythm Heaven dead?"
*Sakamoto makes multiple poses for 10 seconds*
"Does that answer your question?"

Very happy to hear it!

Ok, now someone ask him if F-Zero or Wave Race is dead. I bet he'd still say no. They'd say no no matter what franchise you asked about because it wouldn't make sense to say yes.

F-Zero just needs a new controller, according to Miyamoto.

Truth be told as time goes on I don't see any new F-Zero living to the expectations of GX. Nintendo would likely want to make it accessible.

It's nice to see Nintendo shut up the rumour mill for a change.
I think it's their constant lack of comments on matters like these what makes them run so rampant.

oh I wasn't aware of the rumor. In any case, it's pretty distasteful . That top 3 for the year franchise does so well in japan in part because of the musical talent of a very established music figure. Like how the mother series is linked to a novelist. And unfortunately tsunku will always be battling with cancer like so many people. Therefore , I don't know, maybe don't do that. regardless of the state of the series

also at the end of the day, rumor are funny but rumor based on leaks from another continent altogether. I mean, what's the point

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