RUMOR - Spanish retailer lists Fallout 4 GOTY Edition for Switch (UPDATE)

I don't know about this one. Doesn't seem like it's the real deal to me. I imagine the retailer has made a mistake with this listing, but we've seen things like this come true in the past. Just look at the Telltale Switch fiasco that went on for months until Telltale themselves confirmed.

That said, something just seems fishy about this listing overall. I wouldn't take this one too seriously until other retailers start sharing the same info.

UPDATE - Here's something worth pointing out. The retailer has since changed the listing. The removed the release date, but left the listing itself. That certainly seems to bode well when it comes to the validity of the listing!

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I would prefer this over Skyrim. I had Skyrim on PS3 and got bored with it too quickly, which was strange since I loved Oblivion. I love the Fallout universe so Fallout 3, New Vegas and 4 were all good for me. I'd double dip for this game if it really did come out on Switch.

Why not both?
I mean, yeah, Skyrim is old, but I'm looking forward to being able to use motion controls for all my assassinations.XD

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Yeah, it lists the release date as september 26th... I'm not calling it fake, but just a mistake. There's absolutely no way this releases before Skyrim and Nintendo nor Bethesda made any kind of noise about it :/

It's not saying September of which year though. Could still be for the year after... but I agree of course, this is in all likelihood a mistake or if the game comes out, there's no way in hell that it releases in less than 4 weeks XD.

On the retailers site it says september of 2017

Fri Sep 01 17 11:37am
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When I checked it only said lenziamento el 26 de septiembre, so if it any point the year was listed, then I didn't see it, and right now there's no date listed at all anymore, so there you go.


Well now it got weird! They bothered to edit the site but not remove the entry altogether? It might just be real after all!

I didn't use to believe a lot of listings like this in the past but then one of my local ones was listing Lego Worlds for Switch even before the system was launched, and it's coming now. And then there have been rumours and listings for Telltale's Batman long before the dev itself confirmed it, so retailers DO get it right sometimes... but they get it wrong most of the time in such cases though. Can't help but wish that it was true though as, me too, I'd be even more interested in that than in Skyrim (still getting Skyrim anyway though!)

Thu Aug 31 17 08:19pm
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Don't care about Skyrim, but I do like FO4 a good bit. But how would that game run on Switch?

I want Doom, though!

Thu Aug 31 17 08:31pm
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It's really Skyrim's release date. Whatever it's supposed to be, it's at a decent price.

Thu Aug 31 17 08:41pm
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... but no Doom, a much more recent game that people haven't played on twenty different systems over the past few years.

I just really want doom on Switch so I can play it everywhere. And Doom Classic. And the Doom 3 BFG Edition. And Quake Champions and the recent Wolfenstein games.

If Switch were to get a DOOM port with gyro aiming as an option, I would buy it day 1.

Ohh, these games I would really enjoy, I never was able to get on fallout, but I love Doom.

Same here. All those games are excellent classic shooters. Even a virtual console version of the old Quake, Quake II or Doom 64 would be enough for me. Hope they get released some time, Switch supports vulkan so even if it runs at 720p 30fps I would be delighted, my pc can barely hold 25fps on Doom with really low settings and I still enjoyed the hell out of it.

I'd love to get New Vegas since I haven't played that...

doubt it's true, if it is... cool!
more games = more fun for everyone Smile

Woah...be crazy if this were to happen. If Skyrim sells gangbusters (somehow) you can bet Bethesda will add it to the system IF they can get it to run...could this really be a new era of Nintendo where 3rd parties actually join the system (even if they are ports)?

Well, the Switch does run the latest version of Unreal Engine 4 natively.
If it can do that, I have little doubt it could handle whatever older engine Fallout 4 uses...

That's where you're wrong.

The engine used in a lot of these Bethesda games, namely Fallout and Elder Scrolls, is old and anemic. They're very unstable and known to have issues across all platforms. A

It isn't a simple thing to interpret.

But they wpuld have made a lot of work already to port the engine with Skyrim...

Sat Sep 02 17 05:46pm
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You'd think so, but the recent showcases of the Switch version of Skyrim, have been of the final build, and have been running at a consistent framerate throughout.

It's also been rumored, for a LONG TIME NOW, that it's a custom build that uses some of the stuff from the Special Edition which came out recently, which points towards it using something other than those "anemic" engines you're referring to.
The experiences from showgoers seem to support all this.
Rather than saying History is guaranteed to repeat itself, I'd prefer to go by what I have seen.

I'd get this over Skyrim any day. Don't think it's real but if Skyrim does well maybe it's possible?

I honestly forgot most of the missions from skyrim and Fallout so I would love to play these again on the go!

Fri Sep 01 17 05:06pm
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If Fallout, The Witcher and Red Dead Redemption come to the Switch, I'll never have a reason to own a Play Station or a Xbox again*


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