Fe devs explain why they're bringing the game to Switch, praise Nintendo fans

A portion of a DualShockers interview with Fe Creative Directors Klaus Lyngeled and Andreas Beijer...

DS: the big news at Gamescom was that your game is coming to Switch. What made you decide to port the game to Nintendo’s console?

Andreas Beijer: You pushed really hard for that, isn’t it?

Klaus Lyngeled: I did push really hard.

AB: We really like the Switch.

KL: I thought that with the software we’re working with, it was quite easy. I felt, why not? Why shouldn’t we do it? I really like the console, and I really like to have a game that you can play on the go, also. I think it’s a cool game to play with headphones. I like to play on my couch, in my bed. So I thought “definitely, we should do it.”

I also really like Nintendo’s fans. I feel they’re very open to new creative games, and I think they’re very positive for that. I thought it would have been cool to have it on Switch as well.

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If we're open to new creative games, then the reason some 3rd parties don't sell well must be...

Fri Sep 01 17 05:02pm
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Mostly because they are late incomplete versions of games which on some occasions are a few years old already...

Late ports. That's usually the reason (and probably why a lot of games releasing in 2017 for other systems are skipping Switch from the get go)

-Late ports, especially those at full price (see: Mass Effect 3 on Wii U for $60, whereas at the same time you could get the full trilogy for $60 on other platforms)
-Lazy ports (missing features, worse performance, etc.)

Fri Sep 01 17 11:25pm
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The most amusing part of this; They were released the same exact week.

Yeah, a total slap in the face.

But it's all Nintendo's and their fan's fault the game didn't sell on WiiU. We all know that. Can't compete with Nintendo anyway... and buttons. Never enough of them.

We apparently don't like shooters than aren't as colorful as Splatoon. Prove me wrong.

I'd love it if Valve ported their games (Half-Life series, Portal series, Left 4 Dead series, and Team Fortress 2) to Switch. Don't care that they're old, would love to have them portable.

I just don't care for stuff like Call of Duty, Battlefield, etc.

This game really got my attention. Loved the "language" thing a lot (apart from the atmosohere). Didn't even know this game was a thing until like a week or so ago. So whrn is this coming to Switch? Extra features?

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