Suda51 on seeing Switch & Nintendo as "punk", talks Travis Strikes Again exclusivity

The following comes from Suda51...

- he has always loved to develop games for Nintendo consoles
- Suda feels that Nintendo is “by far the most punk” hardware manufacturer
- he says they’re always trying new things that other manufacturers haven’t tried, or haven’t even thought of trying
- with every new platform, Suda feels that as a creator, Nintendo is challenging him to find out what he can do with it
- feels the Switch is the “most punk” console they have ever made
- so far he has had a great time developing for it
- he feels compelled to to develop something revolutionary as well, and they complement each other
- when asked if Travis Strikes Again will remain Switch-exclusive, he said “Yes,” but then he added “Maybe,”

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Mon Sep 04 17 05:31pm
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    Friggin love Suda. He and Kojima should work together one day. MGS5, as great as it is, definitely was lacking in terms of quirky boss fights, whereas NMH is memorable for its incredibly interesting characters and bosses.

    They apparently did work together once on a Snatcher audio drama, but that's it so far. He does often like to work with people who have worked with Kojima in some form though, like a decent number of the English voice actors in his games come from the Metal Gear Solid series (and he used the same voice director, Kris Zimmerman, for NMH1 and 2), and I want to say a couple former Kojima Productions people joined Grasshopper not long after Konami started to go "we want nothing but pachinko from now on."

    They should release No More Heroes 1 and 2 on the WiiU VC, I can't find these games where I live T_T

    Why not the Switch VC....

    ...oh yeah.

    That would be cool, but I'm hoping they do like they did with Bayonetta and bring the 1st two games in a bundle with the new one. They could even charge more for it. $70 sounds fine.

    Yes, i'm under the impression NMH 1&2 would do relatively well on the Wii U' s Wii VC right now.

    I hope some other Grasshopper games will get ported to the Switch, The Silver Case would be perfect for a portable system and i generally think Killer Is Dead deserves another release.
    Also, their 2d platformer Black Knight Sword might be more interesting for Nintendo's audience then it was for the PS360 audience.

    I really like Suda51, I was bummed from his most recent games, they didn't grab me as much, but then I recently learned he didn't direct a game since the first NMH, so I understood why.


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