Suda51 gives new backstory info on Travis Strikes Again's Badman

Coming from a Dtoid interview with Suda51...

"[Badman] was originally a Major League Baseball player. He played for the Astros. Why the Astros? I don't know, he just played for the Astros. He was a really heavy drinker and he used to get shitfaced during the games. That happened like a few dozen times too often. He'd get really drunk during the games and he ended up getting cut from the team. So yeah, he carries beer with him. After leaving Major League Baseball, he became an assassin. When he became an assassin, he got involved with some really messed up dudes and got injured really badly. They kinda screwed up his face, so now he has the mask to cover it up."

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Does Suda51 speak incredibly fluent and native English? Or are these comments translated?

Translated, he often trips up his translators as well.

That villain's name is really annoying because it keeps triggering my speedreading to see it as this guy instead:

Should have just gone with 'BadDude" for the old-school reference.


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