L.A. Noire priced $10 higher on Switch as compared to PS4/XB1

According to Rockstar's own website, L.A. Noire is going to be $50 on Switch, at least when it comes to physical. This is $10 more than PS4/XB1 physical versions. I honestly don't know why, but this $10 hike doesn't bother me too much. I cannot give you a good reason for why. I guess my interest in the game is high enough for $10 not to phase me? Even with that said, let's hope the eShop version costs the same as PS4/XB1.


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I thought Sony already demonstrated to the world why optical media is a very bad format for portables.

Thu Sep 07 17 07:56pm
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for both physical and digital ?

Wouldn't surprise me. Retailers selling physical have a habit of boycotting your product if you price it lower digitally, and since physical still sells better than digital for the time being, they can't really take that risk. Sad

taking advantage of the switch audience, of course. its what third party been doing with nintendo for ages. not saying this game is gonna fail in sales, but they wonder why sometimes.

Fri Sep 08 17 12:07pm
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This is not a direct reply to you, but to everyone that is complaining about this.

Rockstar announced the Switch version of L.A. Noire will have additional Switch features the other two versions do not have to make up for the fact the Switch version won't have the graphics of the Xbox One and PS4 versions.

From: https://gonintendo.com/stories/289576-rockstar-games-announces-l-a-noire-for-nintendo-switch-coming-n

L.A. Noire for the Nintendo Switch features the complete original game and all additional downloadable content, with specific enhancements including a Joy-Con mode with gyroscopic, gesture-based controls, HD rumble and new wide and over-the-shoulder camera angles, plus contextual touch screen controls for portable detective work.

This explains the price hike. If Rockstar just did a minimal port without these functions, then the Switch version would be screwed for having inferior graphics. Rockstar is trying to offset that by adding new functionality to the Switch version.

Third parties just can't help but try to fumble.

I think it's a game, lets see how much we can do to turn off the fans before we blame them for not buying.

Thu Sep 07 17 08:03pm
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Urgh... Well, I just that's the downside to stupid pieces of plastic that do little nowadays since they're expensive to make compared to the other systems. Hope they make the digital version $40 like other games on switch do if their physical is higher at least.

That corrosive substance doesn't grow on trees. Also likely, propietary. Just like the old days with the GC discs.

Thu Sep 07 17 08:16pm
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Now that you mention those puny GC Discs, I remember that I enjoyed the box design for those games a lot more than the switch, as despite the tiny disc left inside, the games came with a manual and a memory card holder, so the boxes weren't a waste. It was also nice and in the center, too, unlike the Switch boxes which feel they're holding vita games in super tall boxes just because.

Not just because, it's also for retail presence. Marketing dictates that broader imagery allows the eye to "catch" what is on display at your local retail venues. And with little space to begin with, it's a smart move for Nintendo.

Thu Sep 07 17 08:58pm
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Like every Nintendo decision it is all to stand out. Manuals seems extinct most modern games spoon feed you the way to play, even putting the prompt front and center. If anything I think manuals could be special edition material, if those are made like they used to, with concept art, profiles of the main characters, an overview of the game with a background image. Maybe in a shooter listing every gun. I

But yeah, maybe an SD holder could not be a bad idea, considering the necessity of some games needing one to access all features. I don't know how much the 32GB cost in the US, is it close to $10?

Funny you bring up GameCube cases....

Did you get a Game Boy Player? Remember how tiny the case was for that disc? Well, ALL Japanese GameCube games came in those cases:

And, amusingly enough, seems that the Japanese version of the boot disc for the Game Boy Player had a special case that also had a slot for a GBA game:

I'd remember, if my birth mom didn't steal my game boy player when I was younger. I do remember something about that being off compared to normal, but wow, those look so much better than the ones we got. But ours were OK too and didn't feel like a waste of plastic. So much empty space on the Switch boxes in comparison, that you'd think they'd just make them the size of a vita game like they should be.

Thu Sep 07 17 08:09pm
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Well, this is what happens when you don't use industry standard discs and go with a proprietary (and more expensive) format.

Yeah I'm surprised people don't realize this and instead say that they're just being greedy or taking advantage of Nintendo fans.

On another note, that cover is so much better than the original.

It's going to be worth buying the physical edition just for that cover.

Thu Sep 07 17 08:17pm
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Like the N64 all over again, but it's not on a system that'll gladly kill your saves if you turn it off and on trying to get it to read the stupid cart (As my N64 has done dozens of times to my beloved games, much to my anger D: )

To be fair you can't just put a Blu-Ray driver on a portable, at leas this time it's completely understandable why they choose the cartridges over the discs.

I thought Sony already demonstrated to the world why optical media is a very bad format for portables.

To be fair, even discs don't cut it anymore.

.- Long load times
- Patches bigger than the game that's on the disc

Still discs aren't as fragile as I remember the ones in the PSX and PS2 era, those I think got more wear out because of constant use.I haven't had an issue with dirty or scratch discs in years.

why does it feel like your post could just be copy pasted from an n64-days forum?

Because it pretty much could be.

Thu Sep 07 17 09:25pm
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You would fault them for using discs just as well, cause you literally shit on everything they do. Nintendo smartly avoided a PSP-Type situation. Plus there's also a digital option.

Thu Sep 07 17 09:27pm
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What was a good alternative on a handheld pray tellm

I don't believe that 16GB of extra memory (guessing it's on a 32GB catridge with all the data or the backlash would be insane) cost any publisher an added $10 (you can get a bigger micro SD card shipped to your house for about that), so why aren't games being priced accordingly if the issue is cost?

While there are arguments to be made for using Blu Ray, keep in mind when Xbox and PS4 owners pop in the disc they are going to have to go through a lengthy install process before even playing, Switch owners will just pop it in and jump right in

Thu Sep 07 17 11:06pm
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I call BS on this one, like the most of your pessimistic comments. If the reason is, Nintendo isn't using optical media, then Nintendo had to charge for their own games about 70-80 Dollar (standard on PS4/XBO is 69,99 in Europe). With the exception of Breath of the Wild, there isn't a Switch Game published by Nintendo with a higher price tag than 55 Euros (in my region). And that's one of the pricier titles, most games don't cost more than 49,99 Euros.

So there is no particularly reason some publishers charging10 Bucks more for the Switch version. Capcom charges 25 Bucks for the physical version of Revelations while also including another full game as a digital download. Truth is, the indie-publisher started this trend on Switch and it's the greed of the publisher to charge the extra 10 Bucks. As a major publisher, even 5 extra Bucks would be a no go. And Rockstar is a very big Publisher. Charging more money isn't the way to promote your games to a new platform.

At least you fulfilled your duty to post something contra Nintendo in the name of Go Nintendo. The day isn't far I will delete my account here.

The axiom verge dev confirmed for himself that the price hike wasn't an optional thing publishers could do because they felt like being mean, It was mandatory due to the current cost of those carts depending on game size and other factors, hence why he added extra stuff to his game's LE to compensate. If a big game is released and the price isn't hiked, chances are the game is puny in filesize or they're risking a loss to get price matched. T27Duck is completely right in this case, as Nintendo made a rather dumb move going to expensive carts instead of taking the digital route or using discs for docked mode only (meaning you'd have to go digital to play on the go which wouldn't have been as helpful)

Really the only thing that people can fault the LA Noire guys for is making their switch game a tall piece of plastic,, but that can be fixed by adding tons of cool stuff in the box, perhaps a manual, some goodies and other things like Nicalis does to make the $10 boost a bit fair. The RIME dev did that with a soundtrack download after all.

Interesting, do you have a link to where the Axiom Verge developer talks about cart prices?

https://twitter.com/AxiomVerge/status/873631272265949184 He implied that it's heavily under NDA but his irritated tone seemed to imply that the carts do cost $10 extra, he's just not allowed to say why.

Ah, thanks. Yes, it definitely seems so. This seems like a good guy too. I would assume this is more about Nintendo policy than actual cart prices, like Nintendo has decided on a higher price than what it costs them to get the carts. I suppose we'll know in the future.

The carts obviously don't cost $10 more than DVDs. And do you suggest using spinning discs in a handheld?

Yes, a disk drive in a tablet device. How exactly would that have worked again? It sucks Switch owners have to pay more but what you are asking for is impossible.

Carts aren't underwhelming as they used to be. They are about on par with discs these days and are more durable than them.

Fri Sep 08 17 05:33am
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...it seems that everyone is loving to play Devil's Advocate with your comment, so I'll throw in my 2 cents: didn't the other two major console-making competitors try to set a new disc standard during the PS3/x360 days with the whole Blu-Ray vs HD-DVD wars scenario?

Aside from that, there's surely truth in your statement: trying to be a trailblazer with different formats has its pros and cons... just ask Nintendo people constantly losing third-party offerings since Final Fantasy VII skipping the Nintendo 64 system for such reason!

Fri Sep 08 17 07:10am
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Fact is, we don't even have a reliable source here about the pricing. These cards were produced in masses, it's hilarious to think they can actually charge 10 Bucks more for each copy. As a publisher, you have to order a specific amount of copies (Microsoft is very strict when it comes to this, the number is very high and a reason Limited Run Games is unable to work with Microsoft). So, yes, maybe for the smaller Publisher ordering a smaller run, the production can be pricier (we don't know Nintendos regulations here). But coming back to the cards, I think you can get these cards in different sizes. A small game like Axiom Verge with less than 500 MB will most likely not produced on the same card as Breath of the Wild.

Coming back to Rockstar. They will produce runs in much higher quantities. So, yeah,. maybe charging about 2-5 Bucks per copy more would be some kinda accetable, but not this 10 Bucks extra. This money went straight into the pockets of the Publisher.

And coming back to the OP: What are his plans? Putting a huge Blu-ray into a Handheld device? Think for a second before you bash Nintendo. The Switch was alsways designed as a device you can use on the go too. Even switching to some kinda Mini-Discs wasn't an option.

In the end, we have to deal with it. We pay for the extra risk the publisher is going putting his game on a system with a different audience. That's one of the reasons we pay more. Manufacturing costs will be a factor maybe, but not in such a scale to pay a fee of 10 Bucks.

Discs aren't a good thing for a portable console though

Cost of cartridges and licensing from Nintendo makes it cost more to put out a game on Switch than it does other consoles and publishers aren't willing to eat that cost themselves so pass it on to the end users. Not a hard concept to grasp and has nothing to do with shafting Nintendo fans.

It's a shame but oh well. Worth the extra money for the convenience of playing it on Switch honestly.

Good thing I chose the right option for switch by going digital. Sucks for people who still go physical where they get half full games out the box and have to pay a higher price for it...

Tell that to my Splatoon 2 and BOTW cartridges, both of which were picked up for $35 new.

Thu Sep 07 17 08:39pm
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The carts are not expensive, just as 3ds and ds carts were not expensive.
Also the ps3 was harder to develop for and it used discs that were unlike the other companies and thus cost more but it's games didn't cost more than xbox and wii versions.

Except switch games are much larger, as the largest 3DS game was still under 4GB

8gb was the 3ds max size but few reached that size.

Thu Sep 07 17 08:43pm
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I find it hard to believe that the bigger cards cost 10 bucks more.

Thu Sep 07 17 08:53pm
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It's not, just a good scapegoat.

Curious of how many units are turned off from the hike. And if that hike covers it.

Unless digital is normal price, I guess I'm not getting it now.

I seem to remember a lot of people saying this game was boring and underwhelming, unless you absolutely love playable movies. So it's price doesn't really bother me much.

I'd be much more interested in, say, Cuphead.

I'd love to see Cuphead come to Switch, but extremely unlikely since Microsoft is publishing it, hence exclusivity for Xbox One and Windows.

True. But Minecraft happened, so who knows.

Minecraft is a very different beast.

Way to take the wind out of your own sails, Rockstar.

I thought it would be $60, so I'm still saving money in my eyes. 👍🏼

Until those cartridge prices come down (which they will with time), this is how it's going to be. Either the developer uses a smaller cartridge and makes us download the rest of the game to our SD cards or they get a larger cartridge and pass the cost on to us as $10 increase in price. Either way people seem to get upset. They aren't doing this intentionally. It's a business and if they can't make money by selling their games then the Switch gets NO third party support.

Im pretty sure that the 10 USD increase is to make a round number, a blu ray disc on mass production cost like 0.8 USD and a 32 GB eeprom cost like 2 USD (make it 4 because of the plastic casing) so they are not passing the cost to the user, they are just charging a more rounded number

Fri Sep 08 17 07:02am
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its LA noire, nintendo could step in and pay that difference.

but they really believe portability justifies an increased price of an inferior version. That is a solid business model indeed!!

Fri Sep 08 17 07:45am
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I'm more surprised they have the cheek to charge full price for a port of a 6 year old game you can get on Steam for €20

Fri Sep 08 17 07:53am
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got the complete xbox 360 edition for 10eu yeeears ago. Also achievements! Once again, there are far better deals elsewhere

Why the games weren't more expensive in ps3 when the bluray disc were more expensive during the 360 era. But when it's nintendo the price of the support is a problem !

because disks are much cheaper to make than carts. We should be looking at the vita versions of games compared to the PS3 and PS4 versions and oh look at that...THEY COST THE SAME!

No way am I paying a 25% Switch tax.


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