Wednesday's Nintendo Direct will not discuss smartphone content

Were you looking to hear more about Nintendo's upcoming Animal Crossing mobile game, or perhaps some of their other mobile plans? Don't expect to hear any of that from Wednesday's Nintendo Direct. Nintendo's Japanese site for the Direct clearly states that information on smartphone projects will not be included.

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I'm hungry for some Animal Crossing, but the rest of Nintendo's 2017 is pretty full. I don't expect a reveal of that nature until the inevitable January direct. ūüė¨

That's because everyone will want to be talking about the new Nintendo iOS game ;)

setzer gabbiani
Mon Sep 11 17 04:23pm
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Wasn't even a question on gamers' minds. Investors on the other hand...As an investor/gamer, I'm only interested in what they're doing on mobile because it affects my stock. Other than that, I don't really care about mobile content.

I actually expected news about Animal Crossing. I'm a bit disappointed. Isn't it supposed to be out this year?

Pretty sure it was this fiscal year, so they would have 'till March to release it. But don't quote me on that.

Well there is an Apple event coming up so it could make a surprise appearance.

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