Beware, Switch owners...the shovelware cometh

Oh dear LORD! UIG Entertainment is unleashing all KINDS of potential shovelware on the Switch. I mean, I would love to be wrong. Perhaps all of these games will be fantastic. Prove me wrong, UIG Entertainment. PROVE ME WRONG!

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Tue Sep 12 17 07:45pm
Rating: 10

Tue Sep 12 17 07:45pm
Rating: 2

No Ninjabread Man 3? Worst shovelware gen, ever!

Tue Sep 12 17 07:52pm
Rating: 4

Can't get any more shovelware than Shovel Knight at least! ;)

FINALLY! I can't wait for the three new Farming Simulator knock offs.

Come on Nintendo, why do you let this happen? You've got such a good thing going right now, full of quality games...

Tue Sep 12 17 08:06pm
Rating: 1

Like the vermin scavenging on the leftovers shovelware goes where there is buzz and or volume. Steam has it, Sony has even promoted some on their youtube channel, the question I have is who buys it. It's not like these are enticing mockbusters.

It's not fair that they get Life of Black Tiger and we don't.

Wow... This makes me so sad.

Samoa Joe, please put these games to sleep and bury them in dirt!

Well we had a good 6 month run of quality control guys...

Well it seems some's super happy with their Switch Dev Kit that would be better used by someone more talented

Tue Sep 12 17 08:30pm
Rating: 3

Realms of Arkania : Blade of Destiny...
Fun facts!
This is a 1992 pc rpg game based on the 1984 pen and paper rpg from Germany: "The Dark Eye"...
The books and adventures were structured like "choose you own adventure" books and were VERY cheesy. I own some of the books, and all the evil sorcerers use beewax on their beard and mustache... They even carry it in their inventory. I still converted the adventure to D&D and successfulran it for some friends as my first game mastering role! The books were in book-shaped plastic boxes and were coming with a d20! Those are my oldest dices, even older than me (by three years).
Incidentally, I know next to nothing about the video game, never played it.

Tue Sep 12 17 11:32pm
Rating: 1 (Updated 2 times)

The original versions of the "Nordland" trilogy of the Dark Eye games were nice Dungeon Crawler RPGs and good represensatitions of Pen&Paper games. ... but the 2013 remake of the first Dark Eye game was a mess (Sonic 06 would like like the best QA'd game of the world compared to it.) - UIG is doing something critics here call the "banana method" - releasing an "alpha build" and patch it with time - the developer of the first Dark Eye game broke with UIG due to this method.

So we are up for a wild ride with UIG on Switch. (Blades of Destiny's average score was between 0/10 and 2/10)

Oh wow? Really... Ugh...
The score I had seen with my quick google was a 6/10, but I didn't look what was the source and didn't really care tbh... the screens didn't look good. Well, it looked like the "most" interesting game here... or should I say, "least" uninteresting?

Tue Sep 12 17 11:53pm
Rating: 1

Well... they revised edition which is on Steam is mediocre - the vanilla version was a mess worse than NinjaBread Man (It was delisted on Steam, unavaiable for years until the revised version was released). In the core the Dark Eye games are good-ish... but the SVGA graphic versions are superior to the 3D remakes.

the real question is. is it shovelware exclusive?

Here's hoping some hidden gems come from this! Wii had a handful of great games disguised as shovelware!

Judging from the comments in here, y'all forgot the PlayStation 1 era.

The presence of shovelware means that the system is successful. The Wii, DS, PS1 and PS2 were flooded with these, meaning that the system can make a quick buck for these companies. The Wii U sold so badly that not even shovelware makers dared to put their "games" on it.

Tue Sep 12 17 09:58pm
Rating: 2

RCMADIAX begs to differ

I stand corrected... 1 shovelware maker dared to make "games" on Wii U

I actually liked Blok Drop U. Then more and more games far too fast...not to mention the semi-scandal of the majority of them being basically already made template things that they ported to Wii U.

Nintendo is always a victim of shovelware. Can't see this surprising honestly.

it seems to me shovelware is the norm now, good or bad platform , popular or not
almost as if there's a point to paying fairly content creators

it's especially bad imo because only casual buyers are tricked by those .

Silly RMC. That's not shovel, that's a tractor. You'd never make it on a farm!

That's some Kotaku-tier clickbait title right there... yuck

People need to stop whining about shovelware. Nobody is forcing you to buy it,

The reality of harsh "quality control" is that it always ends up blocking good games from getting released while letting some bad games slip through.

Sony almost killed the shoot'em up genre because SCEA put some arbitrary demands on PS1/PS2 releases (no 2d games early in the systems life, required additional content for ports...), yet while this made Americans miss out on tons of great japanese arcade games, all kinds of bad stuff still got released.


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