Pokemon Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon - new Rockruff and Lycanroc info

- Lycanroc will get a special Z-Move called Radial Edge Storm which requires Lycanroc to know the move Stone Edge
- it has a secondary effect that eliminates field effects such as Terrain
- this can work on all forms of Lycanroc
- Rockruff will have the ability Own Tempo, which is currently only available from the distribution
- rockit can evolve into Dusk Form between 17:00 and 17:59 at Level 25
- only those Rockruff can evolve into Dusk Form Lycanroc

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I unfortunately still find this pair of games to be the least exciting pair in a really long time. I do not even care for the box legendaries. They look so halfhazardly put together. The Lycanroc as well. I get the idea of it, and I like the idea, but visually it just looks so dull together with the others.

And I am usually positive about the Pkmn games. I will get them, but still. :s

Well they are third version games so you should be comparing these games to them and bw/w2 instead of the remakes and gen starter pair of games. I understand getting disappointed in what info we have now, but I think people(yes its not just you) are jumping to conclusions calling them the least interesting games when we still don't have solid info on it. It does feel like X/Y and S/M coverage spoiled us in that we were getting info every month when they were first announced. For whatever reason, they always decide to give info on third versions only 2 months before the games come out so we should be getting some new info soon.

I hope that we get some solid info in the Direct today as well.

I know we do not know that much so far, though that is also part of the worry about maybe there isn't that many 'big' things to show for it. But it's more like, I have rarely been this un-hyped for a Pokémon game, and I am not exactly sure why. I am very tired of the overly happy Alola region and it's lack of Gyms. I liked it for one game, but the astetics are just not exciting for me anymore.

Doesn't help that I just cannot like the new forms they have shown so far. I do not usually call things lazy, since I get it, I know why and how they are thinking about stuff like this. But the new ones, the box legendaries, the Lycanroc form, just gives me impressions of the game lacking something. Originality, or whatnot. I know people argue to hell and back about this, so I usually stay out of it, but I just cannot help but feel a bit meh on these two games. At least right now.

I agree with the Gym thing. Trials were a nice change, but essentially all trials are "beat 3 wild pokemon, then fight the Totem Boss" so they got kinda old already. I am not sure about the overly happy complaint tho. Alola is the first region where it truly felt that humans and Pokemon live there lives together so I guess that makes it look like a happy region, but it is the region that feels the most "real" to me (in terms of the Human/Pokemon interaction). In terms of gameplay, it was a linear region with some short routes and small caves (I am probably the only person who was upset that Wella Volcano Peak's cave was not actually explorable!), so hopefully this game expands it.

In terms of the box legends, what did you think about Kyruem-Black and Kyruem-White? I kinda felt the same when those forms appeared, but once I played the game I appreciated them more. The Lycanroc form is my favorite one of Lycanroc, but I can see why it can be disappointing. Hopefully we get new info that removes your worries on the Direct!

Eh, personally I am looking forward to these games, if only because Pokémon games are generally good and I like Necrozma and its new forms. But the lack of information so far is... weird. Did people complain about them revealing too much before Sun and Moon were released?

And honestly Dusk Lyncanroc is fairly uninspired but I do think its color scheme is aesthetically pleasing.

Yes, tons of people (including myself :p) complained about them revealing way too much for Sun and Moon. We essentially knew all the Pokemon in the game(except marshadow) and they also spoiled Red and Blue being in the game. It is likely that they hold off showing info of this game due to complaints, but previous third versions didn't give info until two months before release. Compare that to S/M, where we were getting info about 6-7 months before release.

I like what Duck Lycanroc looks like, but I just feel it looks... strange, with the other two. It feels too much like Midday form with Midnight form's mane. Too much like the first one.

And together with what I said in the other post just now, I have tired of the overly happy nature of the games. I get it, friendships and such, the games have always had stuff like that, but something about the recent games have felt too much like that. At least give us a Douche rival again. Gladion was edgy, but not nearly what I had in mind. :s

Oh, and Lillie made me really hate the overuse of cutscenes and drawn-out story stuff. I would honestly prefer a much simpler and less world-ending story, like the first games, again. With a gang of criminals as a side thing, but the focus being the Gyms and such.

But now I am blabbing. I do not mean to seem so negative. I will play UltraMoon and I am positive I will have fun. I just have a lot of personal 'eh' stuff about them right now.

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