Creator of Super Mario 64 Online says "nothing can stop this fan project now"

Coming from a Red Bull interview with Kaze Emanuar, creator of the fan game...

Nintendo hasn't contacted me. This whole 'DMCA meme' needs to stop. Even if they did, there are already thousands of alternate download links. Some people get irrationally mad at other people for sharing Nintendo fan games, because they think they're going to get DMCA'd due to the publicity. There's nothing that can stop this fan project now, though.

Wow...talk about being cocky. I mean, I get what he's saying. Even if Nintendo requests that the game be taken down, it'll live on forever through various links across the internet. That said, why make a statement like this? You're just begging for Nintendo to do something, and the attitude really detracts from my interest in checking out the hack.

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Wed Sep 13 17 04:49pm
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Sorry I've never heard of him nor do I care. He's obviously arrogant, but apparently because he's popular we can't call him out for being arrogant. No one is being overly aggressive, and people can enjoy their super fun mods if they so choose.

Wed Sep 13 17 04:02pm
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My issue with Kaze is that he just gives out already patched ROMs in his descriptions, which is still largely just giving out mostly Nintendo's own game. He makes a lot of small modifications to them. And that's not a "fan game" at that point. It's basically giving away their product for free because you slightly modified it.

Not a fan personally. Regardless of his accolades.

I'm a big fan of romhacks and the like, but just flat out distributing a ROM with code that largely isn't yours is extremely uncaring and would still be considered piracy. He shouldn't get too big for his britches.

Wed Sep 13 17 04:21pm
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I hope the Nintendo Ninjas go after him.

Wed Sep 13 17 04:22pm
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I mean I agree that the DMCA meme needs to stop (it's rather annoying every time a fan game of a Nintendo property is mentioned someone invariably says IT'LL GET DMCA'D JUST WAIT, like stop being pessimistic).

But if he's giving out patched ROMs that's not cool. Many years ago I knew someone who was working on an online co-op version of Link's Awakening, but that wasn't a ROM, it was a complete remake of LA in Game Maker if memory serves that happened to have online play.

He should only give out the patch in the descriptions. He's being way overly cocky.

I get that the initial attitude detracts your interest for this game RMC, but is it weird that stating that just now makes me suddenly want to check out this game hack?

Typical that this site's community would be so aggressive against a popular modder. God forbid anyone enjoy something unofficial!

Wed Sep 13 17 04:49pm
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Sorry I've never heard of him nor do I care. He's obviously arrogant, but apparently because he's popular we can't call him out for being arrogant. No one is being overly aggressive, and people can enjoy their super fun mods if they so choose.

Wed Sep 13 17 04:58pm
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Yeah he's calling out Nintendo at this point and Nintendo has either the option to:
A) Do nothing and risk losing legal protections for not protecting their IPs.
B) Issue a DMCA notice (which is a legally nice way of saying "Stop that or else.")
.or C) Immediately get his personal information to issue a copyright infringement lawsuit which would immediately bankrupt him on settlement or on civil conviction in court.

Yeah the project will not be taken down, but it's creator can be taken down. Let's see how nice Nintendo plays here. ;)

No one implied that being popular meant he couldn't be criticized. But please, continue to prove my point by playing the victim when someone calls you out.

Wed Sep 13 17 05:02pm
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You can enjoy something unofficial, but when you start bragging about it, it seems offensive to the people you took the things from. Some people do care more about their IP than others, and like with modding there's still no regulation to expect all companies will be open to these unofficial projects.

Still if this keeps going I could assume Nintendo could think of a win-win idea. As they have more IPs they can't manage by themselves.

Don't get me started on how Project M and it's fans were treated by some of the site goers...

I'm sure the Project M people thought the same thing ;)

1) No they didn't and they did everything in their power to not draw Nintendo's attention, including refusing to add in any Characters from Smash 4.

2) Project M was not yet complete. This has no more updates to be added. No one can stop it from being downloaded off of various file sharing sites.

the usual building of his "brand"
it's not very smart, just use crash or jak and he might get a game out of it. I'm sure he could also make a full game or work with some indie dev.

Told myself you can only upvote this if you really are against not only Nintendo but overall intellectual property. But here it goes again, an official of this site is officially on the site of this cocky prick. Sorry for being so harsh to this guy who made this statement, but this is not how it works. Honesty doesen't protect for stupidity. With such a statement, Nintendo will definitely have a closer look on what he is doing. Famous or not, never heard of this fellow and I'm not interested in such arrogant behavior.

Think this will be my last comment for a long while now. The reason why is pretty obvious. I will continue to read the news here, as a user of this site, it's better to call it a quit before I really say something I might regret. Goodbye for now folks.

I think this guy made that really funny SM64 Chaos edition mod, but the way he's acting here is really stupid and uncalled for. Normally they don't bother with mods as they rarely blow up and are a minor thing, but he's just begging to be messed with by their legal team (Who could literally wipe the entirety of every Rom Hack site like SMW Central from the net in an instant, along with every single nintendo related video on youtube not made by them ever, nuclear style if they felt like it.)

Time for karma to come a-calling... ;)

Wed Sep 13 17 06:13pm
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He may call himself a 'fan', but he's got 0 respect for Nintendo - and from his words, it feels like he's more interested in what Nintendo can do for him.

Which, to me, makes this no longer a fan project. It makes it a self-serving one.

A fan project promotes and elevates the company based on love for the IP. He does not come across as someone who does.

I mean, he's not wrong.

Thu Sep 14 17 12:51am
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The way this guy talks sounds like he owns the damn thing instead of realising that he's stealing an IP and using it to get fame in a wrong manner.

I still disagree with people saying that fan projects like AMR2 is what causes corporations to gather interest in such IPs because it doesn't always work. All it does is just damaging the copyright laws and making them worse than they are now.

The fact that I can get Super Mario 64 for free rather than pay to download it from the Wii U eShop (unless I use NUS Grabber) is something I can't resist!

An asshole like this, sure, his game should get taken down.

A very humble, nice, hard working guy who slaves over an ORIGINAL remake of Metroid 2 (that is brilliant and what Nintendo SHOULD have published as the official remake), gets taken down instead. AMR2 is a fan game work of art, and a genuine testament to developer skill. It should have been appreciated and supported, instead of getting shit on by both Nintendo, and legions of rabid "Anything Nintendo says or does is 100% right and so fan games are evil" fans out there.

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