Puyo Puyo Tetris available on Switch eShop for $25

We don't know if this is a temporary price drop or not, but you can currently grab Puyo Puyo Tetris on the Switch eShop for $25. The eShop price is normally $30, and the retail price is $40.


gnnnnnn i kinda want it at that price, to resist or not to resist? (i love tetris but hate puyo puyo :'( )

Pretty great priiiice... maybe you should just give in?

I'm still completely awful at Puyo Puyo after putting 20 hours into this game, but I think I like it more at least.

How good can it be for someone who only wants it for the Tetris side? I mean as a Tetris game, how competent is it?

It has it's fair share of the usual Tetris modes, and you can play it online, but I've honestly gotten most of my enjoyment from the story mode which definitely requires you to get pretty comfortable with Puyo Puyo.

Not really sure if it's for you if you absolutely hate Puyo Puyo, honestly... but then it probably wouldn't be too hard to get $25 worth of entertainment out of it. Your call, my friend!

this is one of those games everyone should have on their switch!

Totally get this! I don't even regret paying full price at launch even with this sale. Great game.


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