Nintendo Direct 9/13 - Live-stream and blog

- Pokemon Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon: Necrozma has transformed into two new forms, new map areas like a beach and a valley of Pikachu, characters have new looks and clothing items, the way you encounter your first partner Pokemon is different as well, get a special Rockruff if you purchase early, get the digital version before Jan. 10th to get 12 Quick Balls, Pokemon Gold/Sliver version purchase will give you Celebi as a bonus in Sun/Moon/Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon, pre-purchase Gold/Sliver after the Direct, new Ultra Beasts in Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon

- Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga + Bowser's Minions amiibo get you stamps
- Kirby Battle Royale coming to 3DS, arena battle mode and use Kirby abilities, due out Jan. 2018

- Minecraft: New 3DS Edition launches TODAY!
- Mario Party: The Top 100 is a compilation of the best Mario Party games for 3DS, due out this November

- EUROPE - Luigi's Mansion 2, Kirby Triple Deluxe and Super Mario 3D Land coming to Nintendo Selects. October 13
- EUROPE - New Style Boutique 3 coming November 24th

- Japan is getting new color options for the New 2DS XL on Oct. 5th, 2017

Snapper Canal and Kelp Dome revealed for Splatoon 2, Tenta Brella weapon as well that lets you guard a large area, Kelp Dome is available Friday

- Snipperclips Plus coming with new content, with over 30 new stages, new feature lets you replay the original stages with predetermined body shaps, due out Nov. 10th, new content available as DLC for existing owners

- Rocket League due out this Holiday
- Arena of Valor hasreal-time online battles, 5v5 3v3 1v1 and a unique Hook Wars mode, due out this Winter as a beta test and will be free.
- Skyrim due out on Switch Nov. 17th
- Doom coming to Switch this Holiday season
- Wolfenstein II due out on witch in 2018

- Arcade Archives: Mario Bros. coming to Switch this November, plus more Arcade Archives games coming from Nintendo
- Pokken Tournament DX demo available now

- Project Octopath Traveler is alive! Coming from the producers of Bravely Default. Choose one of 8 protagonists. Each has their own journey to forge. Each character has their own interactions with people they encounter, called Path Actions. The Warrior Olberic can challenge almost anyone to a duel. The dancer Primrose can allure characters to follow her. Battles are turn-based with all-new mechanics. The Boost System lets you accumlate boost points with each turn, which can be used to strengthen or chain your attacks, target weak points on enemies. You can also use these points to bring an ally back into battle if they've fallen. Demo available later today!

- ARMS update with Lola Pop and customizable controls is out TODAY!
- Dragon Quest Builders is coming to Switch in Spring 2018
- Kirby Switch, now called Kirby: Star Allies lets you share various attributes and combine them into unique attacks. Co-op with up to 3 friends, due out Spring 2018.

- Super Mario Odyssey's Cappy is out save his sister, Tiara. Shiveria is in the Snow Kingdom. Bubblaine is in the Seaside Kingdom. There's also tropical islands to visit. Talkatoo and the Hint Toad will help you find Power Moons, as will Uncle Amiibo. Koopa Freerunning and Jump-rope are mini-games where you can go online to see leaderboards. Snapshot mode lets you pause and take pics, blur/change color of the pic, rotate the camera, and post to social media/use as a wallpaper

- Super Mario Odyssey bundle due out at launch


Lynn is in Fire Emblem Warriors? I'm happy... and yet confused... didn't they say the playable characters were going to be limited to Shadow Dragon, Awakening and Fates?

Project Octopath and Xenoblade Chronicles stole the show for me. The battle system in both games look fantastic. I love the artstyle of Project Octopath. The Nintendo Switch is going to continue on its path to the top.

The Switch is DOOMed this holliday!

I miss Iwata, he added so much personality to the directs. These directs now seem like something you'd show to investors. It actually made me lose interest in pretty much every game shown... oh well. I want miyamoto busting through walls with a sword, or iwata holding some bananas dang nammit!

I also loved them showes with muppets and bananas etc. But in the end, the games are what's important. And focusing purely on games is...Well.. Imprtant. I am so sold on XB2 and Octopath now, it's amazing and Doom was a dream come true (using myself as an example).

Wed Sep 13 17 08:58pm
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I seriously hope Doom, Resident Evil Revelations Collection, Wolfenstein 2, Skyrim, NBA 2k18, WWE 2K18, Rocket League, and LA Noire sell well on switch. The last thing I want is 2018 and beyond to go back to Wii U levels of 3rd party support because these games didn't sell and I think they all deserve to sell considering their all quality ports. I know I will be getting everything I listed above (except the 2K18's) my wallet will be crying this holiday.

I gotta say Switch's 1st year line-up IMO is the best first year software line-up for any console ever. Yes a lot of the games are ports but they're quality ports and let's not forget they're for a HANDHELD! My end year line-up is gonna look like this:

- Zelda: Breath of the Wild
- Super Mario Odyssey
- Arms
- Mario Kart 8 Deluxe
- Splatoon 2
- Fast RMX
- NBA Playgrounds
- Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle
- Fire Emblem Warriors
- Sonic Mania
- Sonic Forces
- Skyrim
- Pokken Tournament DX
- Doom
- LA Noire
- Resident Evil Revelations 1 + 2
- Rocket League

Not to mention big games I'm not interested in like the LEGO games, a lot of indie stuff, Xenoblade 2, the 2K sports titles, etc. Best 1st year line-up ever IMO.

Coud you people seriously stop calling it a mere handheld? It's an obvious hybrid, which is frrick genious.

Apart from that I agree. Great first year it seems, and much is yet to come!

Definitely the best first year for any console.

I'm glad to be finally getting arcade versions of Nintendo's classics.

btw is that November release date for the west? 'Cause I'm pretty sure the Japanese trailer said AA: Mario Bros is coming out the 27th of this month.

Wow, that was pretty f*cking awesome !
I came expecting nothing and ended up being impressed.

I mean DOOM, one of the very, VERY few games that actually made me jealous I don't have another console, is getting released for the Switch and that's awesome. Also super happy abàout how XB2 is turning out and Octopath looks brilliant !

Arcade Archives from Nintendo, that's also excellent news, I just love it !
Builders 1 is also good news and Wolfenstein 2, hey why not I'll take it.
SKyrim essentially dropping amiibo is also pretty cool after the Metroid fiasco. And of course, this had to be expected, but Mario completely stole the show and looks absolutely FANTASTIC !

I seriously don't think I've ever been this hyped for a game. Freaking Mario is back and it's glorious.

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