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Wed Sep 13 17 07:08pm
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One of the best Nintendo Directs ever. Appealing to both casual and hardcore gamers, from childish to mature content. In my opinion, they spent too much time with Octopath Traveler, but I'm sure some people found it useful.

It was good in terms of what games were shown, but the presentation itself was very boring. Take the big surprises, Doom and Wolfenstein, it's like they just said "oh, by the way, here are a couple of other games that you're probably not interested in". And that Xenoblade trailer! God, that was dull.

But yes, I don't want to be negative, it's fantastic that they have so many promising games coming up so soon!

I agree with you. But I'm not much into Xenoblade... I reckon some people must have loved it.

Compared to other Nintendo Directs, made of Kirby games and indies, I thought this one's content was really broad and varied.

He, I'm really into Xenoblade myself, but this trailer did nothing for me. It won't stop me from getting it day one, of course. I watched the Japanese trailer, and that narrator had a completely different style there. Also annoying, but in a better way (probably because I didn't understand what he said).

Octopath Traveler intrigued me a bit as now I might want to try it out.

While the 3DS headlines were underwhelming(seriously, only two games got my attention), The Switch is having a blast. I really am interested in Xenoblade Chronicles 2 a bit.

The only downside to this is there is still no word about Virtual Console. By now, Nintendo should have plans on how to release their classics from all their systems.

But the best thing to ever happen is Lyn appearing in Fire Emblem Warriors!!!!!!!

A satisfying Direct overall. Not the biggest surprises, but it was hearty.

I'm very satisfied with this direct. A few surprises but it did what it was supposed to do. Get people excited for this holiday season on Switch and set up the first few months of next year. It did that imo. Release dates for Xenoblade and many others.

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