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The one surprise that nobody expected! Only disappointing thing is it wasn't touched on very much.

Gyro aim? SnapMap?

If this is a decent port then seriously anybody with a slight interest in shooters should give it a go. Probably my favourite game of last year and definitely willing to get it again on Switch provided the sacrifices to get it to run on it aren't too huge.

Wed Sep 13 17 08:05pm
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As long as it runs smoothly, It'll be in my hands.

what a surprise, I was sure it was the classic game but no . Very interested iirc it's not the type of shooter with the constant zoom action thingy. And a multiplayer game too ! I know I'll be crushed but still.
I'm just wondering if gyro aiming is useful but to me it's always less exhausting

Wed Sep 13 17 08:22pm
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Surprised at this still. I haven't played it on any of the other consoles but it is a gorgeous looking game. If they can do this, they can make any game for Switch if debs put their minds to it.

i remember a year ago i saw SGB playthrough of this game, im not into FPS but this one look very...arcade-ish with element from old shooters, and i was sold but my PC doesn´t run very well this kind of games (a miracle that NierAutomato run well) so i was thinking ask a friend to play it on a PS4....then this happen im SOOOO happy, this is coming to switch...Bethesda is doing a good job supporting the Switch and im happy...better that crapcom

I think I'll pick it up if it's a solid smooth port.

Yessir, I'll have one.

I don't get why everyone here is surprised of this to even happen when the Switch is capable to port games like this in the first place.

Even so, Nintendo already stated that porting games to Switch is a lot easier to do so. Just because the game didn't use Unreal 4 doesn't mean that it can't be ported over to the switch.

Mostly because of the developer. Bethesda isn't known for their Nintendo support, so most probably assumed they were taking a "wait and see for future support based on Skyrim" like companies such as Capcom are doing.

Bethesda Has never made games for Nintendo systems. So that is the big thing. And let alone bringing three of its biggest series to it. I am less surprised it can run it in so from. This system is more powerful than Wii U. Still not as powerful as the other two systems but unreal 4 can run on it so this system does have something under the hood.

Will this be like DOOM 64 all over again?

You mean an original sequel to the PC games, with new stages, graphics and other elements?


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