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Minecraft: New 3DS Edition - details on world size, features, incoming updates, and more

by rawmeatcowboy
17 September 2017
GN Version 5.0

- max world size is 2016x2016
- as a comparison, small worlds on Switch are 900x900ish and largest are 3000x3000ish
- based on Pocket Edition 0.15.4, which launched July 2016, has every feature the game did as of that release
- does not include The End yet, but does have the Nether
- redstone contraptions work as expected
- multiple updates planned over the next 6-8 months
- updates include targeting 0.16 and adding ocean monuments and associated blocks
- no cross play or world sharing
- no multiplayer at launch, but it's coming (local 3DS only)
- 3D depth will be added in a patch very, very soon, 99% ready
- mouselook with c-stick including invert Y-axis if you want
- option to turn view bobbing off, auto-jump
- map is always active on the bottom screen
- comes with standard textures, plastic, and city, plus many character skins