RUMOR - Netflix customer service rep says Netflix is "Locked and Loaded" for Switch, Awaiting Nintendo Approval

This info comes straight from GoNintendo user KamehamehaX, and we're happy to bring it to you!

According to a Netflix customer service rep, Netflix is "locked and loaded" for Switch. Apparently Netflix has been trying to get permission to launch their app on Switch, and as soon as Nintendo gives the go-ahead, the app can be added to the eShop. As of right now, Netflix is just waiting for Nintendo to give the green light.

Obviously, we don't have confirmation from Nintendo on this, and I know some people don't believe customer service reps. We've certainly seen reps get info wrong before. Let's just hope this info is correct and the service will be added to Switch soon!

UPDATE - We have since been provided with screenshots of the Netflix customer service chat where this info came from.

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Makes you wonder if its been "locked and loaded" since launch

Not really. Back then Nintendo and Netflix reps said they were still "in talks" so it's probably a recent development.

Mon Sep 18 17 07:27pm
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I still think it's hilarious that so many people care about another device capable of playing Netflix, as I count seven sitting in my living room right now, but hey... why not?

Tegra X1 is fully capable of outputting 4K resolution... wonder if that will happen.

I definitely been in several scenarios already where it would be more convenient to watch Netflix on Switch.

True. I just recently took my Switch with me on vacation while leaving the tablet behind... would have been a pretty decent way to watch Netflix in a hotel room.

Mon Sep 18 17 07:33pm
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The physical components for the switch/dock can't though. Maybe in a new dock version.

Mon Sep 18 17 07:33pm
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Ah, I see. Thanks for the insight.

It's true that it's not hard to find devices that play Netflix. But at one point, my Blu-ray player stopped running it and my PS4 is too loud. I'd love to watch it on my Switch because it's a very quiet console.

Hah. Might have to turn the subtitles on with the version 1 PS4.

4K is only capable on the stock Tegra chip. The "custom" Tegra the Switch uses is locked at a lower clock rate to improve the battery life and a side-effect of that is a 1080p limitation. Unfortunately.

Mon Sep 18 17 10:09pm
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Seems to me a firmware update would fix that easily. There's no reason to worry about battery after all if docked, which is the only way you'd be able to see extra resolution anyway.

All true but there is a good chance the chip is locked the way it is because of thermal temps as well. That thing gets pretty toasty in the dock as it is (even melting the glue on some peoples screen protectors!) I'm not sure they would want it running any hotter.

The only device that is capable of playing Netflix on my living room is my Wii U, so I cant unplug it until it releases on the switch

The responses I've gotten have me immediately regretting not having kept this stupid opinion to myself! Haha.

I retract. Netflix good.

Same. Between Youtube, Netflix, the Web Browser, and occasionally Crunchyroll, the Wii U GamePad remains my de facto source of entertainment when I'm working on something away from the television. All of which would be moot if Nintendo would just hurry up and put those apps on Switch.

CrunchyRoll is my main reason my Wii U is still connected. :3

I watch Netflix and/or Hulu on most devices around my house. However, I'd love to use my portable Switch and gamepad stand to have it around the house everywhere. I'm one of those that doesn't really like silence so almost always have something playing in the background. The Switch has a beautiful screen qnd really decent sound output for this anywhere in my house. Been wanting thi since launch.

Nope, the Switch dock doesn't have an HDMI 2.0 port. ;)

I hope we end up getting Youtube as well.

the opponent
Mon Sep 18 17 07:52pm
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I'm supposed to believe the same customer service department that fumbles my credit card info on a regular basis?

Why is Nintendo sitting on this!? Get this shit out as soon as possible! I want Netflix (and Smash) on Switch so bad so I can finally toss my Wii U out the window.

Then how are you going to play BAyonetta 2 and Star Fox 0?

Bayonetta its just a matter of time. Zero love, tolerate or hate it, does need the gamepad. I do wonder if by some chance they try it again, if theyll keep the gyro aiming. IMO seems like not having it will be a step back.

Mon Sep 18 17 09:14pm
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Bayonetta 1-2 would work fine on Switch. With a Bayonetta 3 and we're off! Star Fox is based on the WiiU design, though. So Iwould rather it stays like that and eventually get a new Switch game. It's going to happen eventually anyway, but no ports. I am getting Rayman legends on Wii U rather than Switch because of the gamepad. It was just made for it.

Wait for the Bayonetta 2 port on Switch...As for Star Fox Zero. NO THANK YOU!!!! Probably my biggest Nintendo gaming disappointment of all time. Star Fox Zero is on my top 10 list of worst Nintendo titles of all time. No particular order:

10. Star Fox Zero
9. Wii Music
8. Animal Crossing: Amiibo Festival
7. Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash
6. The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass
5. Metroid Prime: Federation Force
4. Chibi-Robo Zip-Lash
3. Yoshi's Topsy Turvy
2. DK: King of Swing/Jungle Climber
1. Wario: Master of Disguise

Zelda: PH is not THAT BAD
And Metroid: OM is a good but not great game too
But fine, you can call them disappointment/boring game, but bad is a bit too far
And I am not only talking about my thought, but metacritic too

The rest of you list is fine, so what would you switch out PH for?
I don't know what you have played!

I didn't have Other M near my list I actually think it's gameplay is underrated. It may be my 3rd favorite Metroid actually behind Prime 3 and Super. Federation Force sucks. No Phantom Hourglass is bad to me. Temple of the Ocean King is boring and repetitive same with sailing, the game is insanely easy, stylus control IMO is not ideal and I don't like it, the music isn't memorable sorry but that game is not for me.

Same here about Metroid but I have MP3C as nr1, MF as nr2 and MOM as nr3

Can I have your Gamepad? Mine have a problem with the Left Analog Stick XD

you can actually get replacement parts for pretty cheap online! if you have the right screwdriver, its pretty easy to replace the stick, i had to do it twice, just make sure you get decent quality sticks (try to go for official ones)

Thanks, I actually looked for some solutions yesterday and surprisingly I managed to solve the issue by blowing the analogs sticks, then I was so impressed that I try blowing the R button of my 3DS that it was not working either and it solved the problem too O_O. I'm glad that it's 2017 and I can still solve my problems with Nintendo products by blowing XD

I have to do that to my 3ds R button too! sadly it seems I need to do it at least as frequently as the bosses in Samus Returns Sad

Mon Sep 18 17 08:27pm
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Would not surprise me at all if it comes this holiday. What would surprise me even less is if it came after Nintendo goes payed-for-online. In any case it will be a welcome feature to the device.

It's only a matter of time. Holiday time release is a sure bet. They would want to make the Switch as compelling as possible for the Holiday markets.

I don't need Netflix, I need a browser

Hey, guys!
FYI: I submitted the screen capture of the chat log with the rep to RMC this morning, so at least I have proof that the rep said it Smile
I got the feeling that even if Netflix is ready to go, Nintendo is waiting for the other major streaming providers to be ready for a concurrent release.


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