Super Mario Run "Remix 10/Daisy" rumor was true, update coming Sept. 29th

- New game mode called Remix 10, you play a set of 10 super-short level sections.
- Rescuing Princess Daisy, and unlock her as playable character.
- Brand new world called World Star.
- You can now listen your own music.
- Update will drop on September 29th, full game unlock will also be offered 50% off for two weeks

Well I'll be a son of a bitch, the rumor was true! Looks like we can check out this content next week! Also, a 50% price drop for a limited time is a pretty sweet deal!

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It's extremely cute that everyone will wear headphones if you're listening to your own music while playing.

Isn't it? Nintendo touches: nobody does it like them.

Did they ever fix that thing where the purchase doesn't transfer to a new phone?

As long as the game is tied to a Nintendo Account, it should transfer over. Worked fine for me.

Oh good. Thank you. I worried about spending money on it if it wouldnt transfer to a new phone Ill be getting at the end of the year. (both Android so no weird crossover)

It doesn't between different platforms. If you bought it on iOS and want to transfer your progress over to an Android device, your progress will be transferred all right, but not the purchase, to get all the levels, you have to pay a second time! It's funny too to witness levels having been completed but being unplayable cause you haven't paid a second time for Android. Happened to me.

congratulations daisy, you are cannon again!....i think....mobile games count....maybe?

It's a good step beyond just being invited to sports games and parties, but I'd still argue that the ultimate goal is still a mainline console game.

You'll get there one day, Daisy!

This week, I just got back into Super Mario Run. I forgot how fun Rally Mode can be. Glad to see Nintendo is going further to update the game

Fri Sep 22 17 04:43pm
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Oh my god, they finally let her do something

Fri Sep 22 17 04:51pm
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Price drop good, Daisy bad unless they use this chance to go all out with her mario land origins instead of doing the same "HI I'm DAISY" stuff she's done for a decade now

...doing the same "HI I'm DAISY" stuff she's done for a decade now
I only heard the voice clip in just two games; Double Dash (where it all began and we all know that) and the first Mario & Sonic Olympic game on Wii (which released in 2007). So it has already been a decade since Nintendo reused the clip I think they should bring it back!

I wasn't quite intending to mean just that one clip, but more or less Nintendo showing her as a happy-go-lucky female princess who has next to no personality or uniqueness. If anything, she's like a super happy, brown-haired Peach. Super Mario Maker was the first game since SML with her that I actually thought paid a nice tribute to her roots

You sure? I think Daisy has more personality than Peach does at times. You can see she is sassy, sporty, and a bit bratty at times in her games.

When Peach loses in Mario Power Tennis she's all like: *sob* "I lost?"
Daisy however stomps her feet in rage turns her back and says "Hmph! Whatever!"

You can see in her animations and dialogue she's got more energy than Peach does. I'm not a big fan of hers but to act like she's just a brown haired Peach is just being ignorant.

Is the 50% discount for both OSs? If that's the case, I'm so buying Super Mario Run when that update drops.

Oh cool! I still play this game at my work breaks.

Fri Sep 22 17 05:47pm
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A 50% price drop is a great, maybe the $10 complainers would buy it now ( I was kinda one of them.... although I think $10 for it was fine just that there are more "complete" games out there for $10 on consoles)

When Mario Run was first announced, I joined the google rewards program. So far, I've made $5.15. Looks like I'll be getting it at the sale price.

Is this bit about music iOS specific? On Android, listening to my own music was always possible.

Maybe now it will automatically turn the Mario music off when listening to other stuff?

Now Daisy fans can stop complaining. Geez!

50% off? I'll probably buy it then.

Fri Sep 22 17 08:10pm
(Updated 1 time)

...And then all of a sudden, I am interested in getting this game

I hope the 50% off discount also applies to Android!

Finished the first free level on all difficulties with all coins, and it was too frustrating to warrant paying $10 for even more frustration later. However with the discount, and it's still Mario, could jump in for $5 and just not worry about getting every single purple coin ... Is FEH about to get less playing time!?!

I'm looking forward to the new World Star world!


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