Original Super Mario World sprite sheets show a very different looking Yoshi

This comes from the latest SNES Classic Edition dev interview, which focuses on Super Mario World and Yoshi's Island. In the interview, we get a sneak-peek at some of the original design sprites for Super Mario World. The artwork for Yoshi shows a much more reptilian-based design, which was later transformed into the style we now know and love. Dear lord, this Yoshi design is both hysterical and kind of freaky!

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Thu Sep 28 17 01:31am
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That's one derpy dinosaur. I wonder... would we have learned to love him...

That looks like the missing link between the current Yoshi and Yoshi's original concept art that was drafted for the original Super Mario Bros. I find it to be endearing in its own way. I would love it if that design was makes a cameo in a future Mario game as a side-species of Yoshis.

There also appear to be early ideas for a proper Hammer Bro. and a Sledge Bro. in those images. Makes you wonder why they never reused those beta sprites for Mario Maker...

He looks like he came right off of that Dinosaurs sitcom.

Thu Sep 28 17 04:05am
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So he was going to have Baby Yoshi's head, that's basically the only difference.

Sat Sep 30 17 01:15am
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And the baby yoshi were weird slimes-blobs.

Looks more bird-like to me…

Yeah it looks like baby yoshi kept elements of that original design.


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