Paramount grabs rights to upcoming Sonic movie

- Paramount Pictures has grabbed the rights
- Neal H. Moritz will produce the project
- Deadpool director Tim Miller is executive producing
- Blur Studio collaborator Jeff Fowler will make his feature directorial debut on the film
- also executive producing is Toby Ascher
- Dmitri Johnson and Dan Jevons will serve as co-producers
- once again, will be a blend of live action and CGI animation

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Article thumbnail basically says it all :D

Mon Oct 02 17 10:18pm
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What does it say? 20 characters

"The horror!"

I can't speak for Paramount, but Sony's recent history with animated movies has been... bad. This is a good thing.

Skirting the character limit with empty content, garbage, etc. is a violation of the rules. I see two comments in this thread that have intentionally done this; both are getting warnings that count towards a permanent ban.

Thu Oct 12 17 09:43pm
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I received a message I can contact you if I have any questions, and I'd like to do so.

I have a question regarding the intent of this particular rule. Why is this rule in place? As I understand it, this rule is in place to prevent low-effort posts that don't contribute anything like comments that just say "lol", etc. Am I correct in presuming that?

If that's the case, then I feel the warnings here are a bit misplaced. In the case of HyperStar96 and me, we simply had a question and a subsequent answer that simply fit under 20 characters. They aren't low-effort and they contributed to the discussion and had full intent.

Another example would be if someone were to ask "How much does the Switch cost in North America?", I should be able to simply answer "330 dollars", since that is all the answer the person needed. Artificially making the answer longer by saying "The Switch costs 330 dollars in North America" is redundant and is just as much meaningless padding as adding B tags to the message, except that the message with the B tags comes out cleaner and more concise.

My point is, shouldn't this rule be enforced by keeping the intent of the rule in mind rather than enforcing it indiscriminately? i.e. enforce it when people make low-effort garbage posts that contribute nothing, but not when it's a short post that actually contributes.

I dunno, it just feels weird for being warned when all I did was be a friendly person and answer another user's question in a friendly but concise manner, and that the accepted way is to be less concise and pad it with empty, meaningless words (but not B tags)

One final question: Would it have been completely okay if I had commented "It says 'The horror!'" (21 characters) instead of just "'The horror!'" (13 characters)?

The rule is indeed intended to foster genuine discussion, not just discourage the "lulz, me too" posts. 20 characters constitutes four 4-letter words, spaces and punctuation. If you can't muster at least four small words to say, you're better off waiting to post until you can.

Something like this could have been rephrased, or conducted via a PM. In his case, he already has a history of abusing the site's systems, and the best action would have been to a) report the post to a moderator, and b) if you're really acting in faith of stellar service, send a PM with the answer plus a note that his post is in danger of moderation.

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The most sensible plot would be to base it on Sonic Adventure 2 since that game deals with humans as well as having the most mature and strong story atleast in a Sonic game.

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