SEGA details the process of bringing Sonic Forces to Switch, talks resolution, framerate, challenges

Coming from a DualShockers interview with Sonic Team Head Takashi Iizuka, Sonic Forces Producer Shun Nakamura, Director Morio Kishimoto, Lead Programmer Hiroki Tokunaga, and Art Director Yoshitaka Miura...

- the team was committed to port the game to Switch from the very beginning, even before they knew what the system would be
- the team had a deadline by which the game needed to be done, and mysterious hardware they needed to work on
- what helped make development really smooth was that the team was using its own proprietary engine
- the team has a lot of control on what the final game is going to look like, and they did their best to make sure that
- the game has the same overall look and feel no matter what platform it's on, but resolution is lower on Switch
- work on the Switch version was started after the other platforms
- when the PS4 and Xbox One versions were in the alpha stage, the Switch version only had one stage running correctly
- a lot of the development for the Switch version came right at the end
- even around the time of E3, the development team wasn’t yet sure if they’d make it in time
- the team managed to really polish the game for the Switch during the final stages of development
- the game was first developed on PC, and then the team made sure that it works well on all platforms
- to match the performance of the Switch, the game required dedicated tweaks
- while the graphics run at 30 frames per second, the controls run at 60
- resolution will be 720p in all modes
- Sonic Forces is a very fast game, and quick response to inputs is key to its enjoyment

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You know, not bad. Main point of the switch for me is its portability. And man is it magical for a college student like me.

Wait till after those years. Being 31 and enjoying games I had little time with the consoles I had. Switch became a huge game changer for me and mine.

I knew sticking with Nintendo would benefit me in the long run, but I wasn't expecting it to benefit me through my 30s.

I'm confused by it running at the same resolution and framerate both docked and unlocked. They couldn't use the extra power the system is capable of while docked for anything?

- while the graphics run at 30 frames per second, the controls run at 60

wait WAT?!...i-im not a tech guy, but this reads a little nonsensical

I guess it still does a check for input 60 times a second.

Mon Oct 09 17 09:09am
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It's very common for games (and other software) to have a mechanical layer and a graphical layer that run separately. Basically, it checks input and likely also moves hitboxes etc. 60 times per second. And it will update the graphics based on the mechanical layer 30 times per second.

It's pretty simple to explain. Your controller input is faster, but the animation will react a frame later. You might think this is the same as lag. But this is actually a way to prevent input lag. If you played smash bros' on wii u and 3ds, your input and the characters animations are at 60, and pokemon and assist trophies are at 30. I don't think it will affect gameplay as some commenters on other sites say

Mentions of deadlines and cramming are bad signs, me thinks. Lost World could have been a very fine game on both consoles had they spent more time developing it.

I am relieved to see that the Switch usually only suffers from a frame rate cut and a resolution drop on these multiplatform releases as opposed to the butchering games often got on the Wii due to power, storage medium limitations such as on the Gamecube and N64, and being hard to port to due to an entirely different development environment as the case was with the Wii U. I realize that these statements are a little oversimplified because it IS more complicated than that but there are a whole lot of worse ways that Nintendo ports have gotten neutered for the last two decades because of Nintendo's tendencies to veer left when the market goes right. This time around it looks like they get to have their cake and eat it too and they might have a chance of not getting lost in the wilderness as they boldly go off on the unbeaten path.

Resolution and frame rate drop? Looks like I'm getting the PC version...

The frame rate drop seems like a bad idea for a game this based on speed. I'd almost say whatever graphical concessions necessary should have been made to keep the game near a steady 60. Nintendo understands that with games like mario kart and splatoon.

while the graphics run at 30 frames per second, the controls run at 60

Huh. I had no idea that was even possible. Interesting. I hope that's what Doom does also as it sounds like a good way to improve the feel of the game even running at 30fps.

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