Super Mario Odyssey Switch icon (UPDATE)

UPDATE - Icon has been confirmed real.

Now this is some big-time stuff. With how seriously some people take Switch icons, I imagine there's no icon those people are more eager to see than Super Mario Odyssey! What you see above could indeed be the icon, as an image appeared on Instagram, but was quickly removed. If it's the real deal, I hope it's lived up to your expectations!

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If that is the icon, it is a good one.

So review-copies must be live then.

Tue Oct 10 17 05:32pm
Rating: 1

I can't wait to have this icon on my Switch.

That'll work. I can now buy this game and know I'll enjoy it.

Tue Oct 10 17 06:13pm
Rating: 1

Review copies already? I can't wait for the 27th to come!

It's a big game. Reviewers are gonna need time to really explore it.

I remember reviewers got Mario Kart 8 on Wii U a full month before release back in 2014. I was so jealous.

Wed Oct 11 17 01:06am
(Updated 1 time)

I am the foremost expert on Switch icons in the GoNintendo forums, and I approve of this icon.

Game’s logo included: Check
Protagonist featured prominently: Check
Background details sufficiently convey the nature of the gameplay: Check


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