Atlus reveals top 10 most popular Shin Megami Tensei demons

Did you know that there are 345 demons in the Shin Megami Tensei series? Fans of the series do, and they showed up online in droves to vote for their favorite demon. Atlus revealed the results of the poll in a nearly 3-hour video, showing off where every single demon placed. Cutting to the chase, let's look at the top 10 demons below.

10th place: Loki
9th place: Moh Shuvuu
8th place: Beelzebub
7th place: Decarabia
6th place: Mothman
5th place: The mascot of Atlus, Jack Frost
4th place: Mastema
3rd place: Cu Chulainn
2nd place: Alice
1st place: Mara

There's an image of Mara at the start of this article. Yes, it is what you think it is. That's all we're saying about that.


Now imagine it on the new SMT for Switch.

Mon Nov 06 17 11:52pm
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A giant green woody man riding a golden wheelchair of doom? ...I'd rather not...

Seriously, how did THAT get number 1? Was is just the sheer absurdity?

"There's an image of Mara at the start of this article."

i can't see it, but i bet i know exactly which picture rmc's referring to.


Tue Nov 07 17 12:48am
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Obligatory Austin Powers clip: (Looks like a )

Tue Nov 07 17 01:21am
Rating: 2

"Looks like a"

grain silo

Tue Nov 07 17 12:21am
Rating: 2

Nintendo would have never allowed a dick monster on their platforms in the 90's. Look how far we've cum.

Funny, but Mara has been in the series since the first SMT on Super Famicom. :P

Wow, didn't even know the series was that old!

It started off as a series of books in Japan called "Megami Tensei." They eventually received a video game adaptation on the original Famicom by Namco. In 1992, Atlus obtained the rights to the franchise, and Shin Megami Tensei was born.

Remember, it was ReviewTechUSA to thank for getting mature content on Nintendo consoles.

Geeze, not even subtle about it.

Man, that monster looks hard....

i'll see myself out now ;p

Tue Nov 07 17 03:09am
Rating: 1

Heroe uses hand shake, it´s very effektive.

Tue Nov 07 17 10:09am
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"I just sit around all day...and draw pictures of dicks. It's not even that big of a problem, something like 8% of kids have it..."

Congratulations, Mara! It looks like you're the wiener!


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