GoNintendo Video Review - Doom


- technically impressive
- core gameplay remains completely intact
- game feels fast and plays smooth
- amazing soundtrack
- a blast to play


- 30fps as compared to other versions
- minor visual downgrades
- a very small amount of minor framerate hiccups

Final Word

Doom on Switch is a technical marvel. I have no idea how Bethesda and Panic Button pulled it off. There are some visual downgrades and a lower framerate, but by and large, this is an incredibly impressive package. Most importantly, the game feels just as much fun as when I played on PS4. If you missed out on Doom the first time around, there's no way you should pass up the Switch version. Just as with the other versions, Doom on Switch is all-out insanity, total chaos, and a ridiculously fun game to play.



Thu Nov 09 17 08:40am
Rating: 1

I can't wait to get this! So excited! I pray to God that this does incredibly well.

Thu Nov 09 17 08:47am
Rating: 1

This game included, I currently have 6 games reserved.
But unfortunately, I am currently under contract, trying to buy a house, so I have to be an adult for once.
I am going to miss out on picking up these games at launch, Sad!
I hope my initial lack of gaming support does not hurt Switch's third party support.
I know I am but one person, but every person, every dollar counts.

Gamespot gave it a 7.0.. That seems low after watching all those impressions and everyone saying how well it runs. They must have forgot they were playing a mobile version of the game.

It seems to me that instead of judging how good and fun is to play the game on Switch, they compare with the other versions.

So should Gamestop give the game a higher rating because of other people’s “impressions” and because Switch is the little engine that could? Maybe the reviewer thinks Doom is a 7.0 game - they’re entitled to make their own judgements.

It's GameSPOT... not GameStop the store.

Oops, my Freudian slip was showing. Thanks.

It's OK, buddy... you're already forgiven.

Thu Nov 09 17 01:15pm
(Updated 1 time)

This is going to be really hard chosing between this and Skyrim :/
Only one this month, the next one will probably have to wait for christmas. Oh and there's Xenobalde also... yeah.

I would have liked to know about the multiplayer mode ? Is that not available to reviewers yet ?

Thank you for listing the key points out in written form!

At least we got that, come on with all this untyped out video content crap. I can read whatever you have to say in 1/4 of the time for some stupid video. You don't even do end of day thoughts anymore, some of us like to read....

I much prefer reading content as well, but it seems like the internet is trending towards video unfortunately.

I look to videos for entertainment, not for news, so I hope we get a return to written media.

Awesome... See Kevin all that video work could be cut in half. :P

Sat Nov 11 17 08:38am
(Updated 1 time)

I think not all types of news are adapted to only one format.
Some stuff, like the reviews imo, is better done in videos. Some other stuff is better in written format. I liked end of the day thoughts also, and I thought they were great in written form so I'd love to see them back.

The one thing that's a bit concerning to me is that GN video reviews are definitely not as complete as they were in written format. There has been a couple videos that simply omited to mention important aspects of the game, leaving us with incomplete reviews. SO while I think the video format is better for reviews, I have to admit we might have lost something in the process. That being said, ths problem is not due to the format, just the way it's done in more of a free flow, impro style and maybe somewhat less prepared. But that is also probably the point of these, to save time. And this I totally understand.

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