Attack on Titan 2: Future Coordinates - Monokuma mission details, info on World Mode, Birthday Missions, & more

- several extra missions involving Monokuma titans
- they appear in various sizes (from 3m to 60m class)
- Monokuma is voiced by TARAKO
- if you clear all the special missions, you can get a Monokuma outfit for your custom character.
- game features no less than 40 characters, including some that appear in the second season of the anime series
- includes the No Regrets side-story ( you need save data from the first game to unlock this content)
- in World Mode, you will be able to use “parts” of those characters for your own custom character, including the voices
- Emergency Base Missions happen when you clear the last regular mission of a chapter
- these task you with defending your base from Titans, and when you clear them, you get blueprints for new buildings
- Birthday Missions are only available on the birthday of your original character
- clearing them allows you to get special rewards, such as special voiced lines
- over 20 of them in total
- new characters appearing this time include:

Nile Dawk
Keith Sadies
Isabel Magnolia
Furlan Church

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