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Mario Odyssey is such a perfect game that this Honest Trailer wasn't able to be funny. There's nothing to pick on the game about.

I agree... all that's really left for comedy is the ideas of Peach getting kiddnapped, Mario possessing people, and New Donk citizens looking weird next to Mario. And those are all old jokes at this point.

I haven't watched it, but I am surprised there is no "Mario on shroom" joke that had been used to death at this point.

Tue Nov 14 17 05:53pm
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HGT hasn't been funny for a while, so that's hard to make a comparison like that.

Their Cuphead trailer was pretty funny.

"Waifu Wars: No Petting Allowed"

Yeah, this could have been Nintendo's own trailer. Almost.

Wed Nov 15 17 10:03am
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Glad I finished Super Mario Odyssey before an HT comes out! I've also stated this in the past, but this line of videos seem to be up for me to "break the illusion" of things I'd normally enjoy.

And nope, I still don't know how I can fully explain myself on this...

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