RUMOR - Game Freak looking to do something "disruptive" with the next Pokemon game

The gang over at Easy Allies have some info they say comes from trusted sources, and it pertains to the next Pokemon game. Word has it the team has been inspired by the success of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Super Mario Odyssey. Those two games, which certainly did a number of things differently for their respective franchises, have Game Freak thinking about breaking away from norms for the next Pokemon game. Whether that is the Pokemon Switch title or something else remains to be seen.


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I just sincerely hope game freak doesn’t just aim to please the fandom. Odyssey and breath of the wild were born from developers Just trying to make the best game they could.

im not as in touch with the Pokémon fandom, but if what you say is true, there’s no way they can please everyone. My favorite games are ones I didn’t even know I wanted

This is really interesting for sure. We already saw them testing the waters a bit with Sun & Moon.

But Kyle Bosman brought up a good point during the discussion in this podcast. Game Freak is great at pumping out Pokémon games that haven’t changed all that much...because they keep selling. Do they have what it takes to shake things up in a meaningful way? A la zelda & Mario?

Sun & Moon was the shot in the arm that Pokemon needed, but the fandom is a double-edge sword.

There are fans that want the series to go back to "Game Boy" Pokemon, but make the new game a MMORPG. There are those that want the series to go back to "Game Boy" style, but are ok with it just being a regular RPG. There are those that like modern Pokemon trying to mix it up with X & Y moving away from sprites to full CGI graphics (including incorporating some of the Pokemon Stadium battle systems for X&Y's battles) to later Sun & Moon doing away with "Game Boy"-style progression (at least until the post-game).

I'm excited for what could be possible with Pokemon Switch, but the "Game Boy" progression really needed a break...at least for awhile. I'm sure there are plenty of stories GameFREAK could tell that doesn't need "Game Boy" progression in it.

I just sincerely hope game freak doesn’t just aim to please the fandom. Odyssey and breath of the wild were born from developers Just trying to make the best game they could.

im not as in touch with the Pokémon fandom, but if what you say is true, there’s no way they can please everyone. My favorite games are ones I didn’t even know I wanted

Sun Nov 19 17 03:43pm
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It will be interesting what they come up with on the Switch. However anyone wanting/expecting the gameplay to change (MMO, ARPG etc) are crazy. GameFreak has been refining the turn based competitive style of pokemon for 20 years . IIRC, Pokemon VGC viewership and attendee numbers have been going up as well. The battle system is not going anywhere (which is great!). Thankfully spin-offs might satisfy others in what they want for the series.

Yes...I am loving this new paradigm shift Nintendo has adopted. Breaking conventions.

Sun Nov 19 17 04:10pm
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Inspired by Breath of the Wild and Odyssey, huh?

Could we possibly be seeing a more open-world Pokemon game?

Oooohh man, I just gave myself chills thinking about it.

Funnily, in hopes of having something like an open world Pokemon game, I've been making a "choose your own path" style Pokemon RPG Maker game.

I'm so down with the idea, would make me insanely excited to see it.

You want to disrupt Pokemon and add some chaos, just revamp the stats, IV, and nature mechanics into something new to make older pokemon incompatible!

So it's going to be a gen 4 remake?

I could see the Switch game being the next new Pokemon game and then a Gen4 remake for 3DS to do a last quick cash grab on the install base.

Sun Nov 19 17 06:53pm
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I'll give them the benefit of the doubt and say I think the gen 4 remake will be on switch (despite my joke, it'll probably be after the new game, like you said).

Reason being they usually don't make more than one remake on the same platform, and the 3DS already has Gen3. That said, I think the cost and time of HD development might mean not doing 2 new generations on one platform, like they've been doing for a while now. Not unless they outsource the remake.

Ultra Sun & Moon is the quick cash grab. Hence why it is basically a "third version" split in two and not even a sequel like BW2 was.

They flat out said it was the last 3DS Pokémon game.

Yeah good point and I forgot they said that the Ultra games would be the last 3DS game.

I love S&M, i like the story the characters the pokemons and especially the "evil" Team Can we have a team skull centric game plz? but USUM make me kinda salty, like i should have wait until that game because all the extra content, thats why maybe i will skip the next gen or at least wait until the "full" game/third version releases....but at the same time, people say the story is more generic this time so, maybe im ok with S&M alone....

Im not joking i want a team skull centric game

Just what the series needs IMO and I hope it can reel me back in. I want to be able to enjoy a Pokemon game again. Besides the New Super Mario Bros. series, the mainline Pokemon games feel most like Nintendo's "Madden, COD, Fifa, etc."

Something disruptive? Like balancing the type chart? Would certainly be something different... considering its only been modified the two whole times new types were added.

Sun Nov 19 17 05:56pm
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As long as they don't attempt to copy yokai watch, fine by me Smile mayve involving the trainer more, like fusions (like what happened with lusamine and nihilego), but that would he copying digimon too

Considering Yokai Watch's popularity has been declining(and Pokemon still remains strong), I don't think you have to worry about it.

I enthusiastically welcome this. Pokemon, like pre-BOTW Zelda, has become a slave to its formula. To think they could breath life into Pokemon like they did for Zelda is really exciting.

Sun Nov 19 17 08:18pm
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I feel like GameFreak has already had lots of good ideas for Pokemon, that they just couldn't implement fully. They let every pokemon in the game follow you outside their pokeballs... but then never bring it back after Gen 4. They let you ride pokemon... but only in set pieces. Only Rhydon/Mamoswine/whatever in XY, then Latios soaring in ORAS, then 4 or 5 Pokemon Ride ones, now Mantine Surf and Ultra Wormholes are the flavor of the week.

Just let us ride every pokemon it makes sense to ride, and let every pokemon exist in the game environment again.

Sun Nov 19 17 09:19pm
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This is Game Freak we're talking about, the same company that introduces new ideas only to ditch them the next gen or features that return later in a gen.

*Clock-based events in Gen III
*No Move Tutors in first gen pair
*No Battle Frontier in first gen pair
*Mega Evolutions in Gen VII (can you even get Mega Stones in-game?)
*Walking Pokémon

- There are clock-based events in Gen III(berries, Espeon/Umbreon, daily events etc). I assume you meant day/nighttime encounters, since there was no day/night system.

- Move tutors is an incentive to buying the latest game of a generation. I don't like that they are tied to remakes/third versions, but GF does it to change things up for the competitive season. The battle frontier was also an incentive to buying the latest game, but unfortunately GF seems to have moved from that. Interestingly, they have teased the Battle Pyramid in USUM. GF knows it had backlash for not including the BF in ORAS(and just referencing the Battle Tower) so why would they try to reference yet another Battle Facility? Hopefully its a sign of things to come.

- The focused on Z-moves so Mega Evolutions were tossed to the post-game in both SM and USUM. In SM you can get certain stones, but some of then could only be gotten through Wifi Events. They are all available in USUM. TBH I would say the probability of Mega Evolutions coming back is much higher than Z-moves coming back. I do find it funny how people now want Megas even though when they were first announced people wished they were regular evolutions instead (we havent gotten new evolutions to existing pokes since Gen 4)

- All Pokemon had walk animations in Gen 7 that were unused. Its likely they could not add it due to the 3DS limitation. Since GF has future proofed pokemon models for HD dev, it might be possible we will be getting walking Pokemon for next gen. If we don't, idk what other excuse there could be for no walking pokemon especially when they have took the time to make all those walking animations =/

Sun Nov 19 17 10:50pm
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I do find it funny how people now want Megas even though when they were first announced people wished they were regular evolutions instead

Pretty sure people like Megas, but feel they were poorly implemented. Giving Megas to mons that can't evolve is a great idea (free 100 to the base stats; that's power they couldn't get otherwise)... but giving Megas to mons that can evolve is just a waste of potential; a temporary 100 to the base stats (vs permanent 120-150 for a normal evolution) and only being on par with tougher normal mon (vs OP Mega forms) means those lesser Mega forms aren't going to see much use (since you can only have one on your team).

(we havent gotten new evolutions to existing pokes since Gen 4)

Hmmm... not true. We did get Sylveon last gen... and just Sylveon. I suppose what you mean to say is they haven't added new evolutions to many old mons.

Oh I didn't say they disliked Megas, its just that they wanted megas like Mega Mawhile, Absol, Pinsir etc to be evolutions due to the reasons you have listed. I remember complaints of how the popular and powerful pokes (Gengar, Garchomp, Gyrados etc) got Megas when they didn't really needed to. Although Megas like Kanghaskhan and Mawile show that non-evolved Megas were quite powerful as well(....but then they made more megas to fully evolved pokes and gave a mega to audino of all things...). Now people don't seem to care and want any Mega now.

Yes that is what I meant, we only had Sylveon in Gen 6 compared to Gen 2 and 4 which added new evolutions to a bunch of older Pokemon. I feel like the only reason Eevee got one in Gen 6 was to introduce Fairy types and also to follow the even-numbered Gen rule (every even-numbered Gen since Gen 2 added some new eeveelution )

I wish game freak split their games. Have a official Pokemon showdown-esque game that can be downloaded and focus more on the competitive aspect of Pokemon. Then have main games focused on exploring new directions for the universe like botw.

This would allow game freak to give the competitive scene the love it deserves. No excessive grinding to make new teams (making the competitive aspect of the game more accessible) and it would be easier to balance since game freak tends to only do balance between iterations. They could be more selective of which content from the main game they patch in.

I'm hoping it's an open world Pokemon game like BoTW is for Zelda. That may be too much considering the sheer amount of Pokemon there are and the diverse environments they can be found in, but that's my hope. Also, I think it's time to have more than 4 moves for the Pokemon.

Lets see.. we got exp all last gen, markers on the map to show you exactly where to go this gen.. So the disruptive feature for next gen is probably ultra training “hold A to level up your Pokémon to 100!”

So, I fast forward past Damiani's overly long, unfocused streams of consciousness frequently, but I don't recall this actually being the context of this rumor. I believe he was speaking of it as a rumor that was already circulating. Not that he had it from a good source, or even that he believed it was true.

From my own experience, I lost interest in the main Pokémon Games since Sun and Moon. Game is one long tutorial, 3D visuals adds nothing to gameplay (cept framerate chugging) and tile-based puzzles are pretty much gone. To me, Pokémon games were about the Trainer: The underdog, living in solitude with only their 'mon by their side overcoming challenges (both battles and puzzles). With the Rotom Dex holding your hand and all the general feeling of bumbling from A to B, Sun and Moon just did not appeal.

Rather than change Pokémon's core, I feel Game Freak would rather focus on minor parts such as the Latias overworld flying minigame from ORAS, or add other features like Pokémon following you (HGSS) which are then removed from the next game. I get why they don't innovate the core much - why fix what's not broken? They've been using the same formula since 1996 where new game = new map, more Pokémon and have raked in billions. Perhaps it's part of growing up, but as it is currently Pokémon just doesn't appeal any more, and that makes me sad.

I guess there are a few problems which prevents the franchise from evolving. The problematic fanbase is one factor, but don‘t forget the target audience of these games, they are aimed to kids. So why changing a formula where you are able to sell millions of copies?

I hope for Game Freak that they will find a balance and show everyone that they are able to create a game on an HD capable system. While I really like Sun/Moon, many people were disappointed for various reasons. But I think this is the problem with every new generation.

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