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I love Jim and how he takes such delight in rocking the boat and deliberately crossing the line while dancing around on the other side of it just to relish in the reactionary shrill screeches that are oh so easy to get. Nobody has done more to call out the BS in the game industry and I love seeing him have so much fun doing it.

I didn't think Sterling could be more scary -- until I watched that video.

Mon Nov 20 17 11:28am
Rating: 5

I will never understand what people see in that guy. I guess I could break my vow of never watching his videos again and see how this one breaks down. Hmm nah.

What people see in him is someone who has strong opinions and is unwilling to compromise them for anyone or anything. What they see is someone who doesn't have an inkling of hesitation in calling out the game industry for its bull****. What they see is someone who wants what is best for the industry. Is he often very harsh? Yes. Does he have a tendency to hold onto issues for too long? Yes. Jim Sterling has plenty of negative traits that would turn people off of viewing him, but he wants what is best for the industry and his views are typically well thought out and insightful.

Haha ^^
It's still true what he said though.

Mon Nov 20 17 02:46pm
Rating: 1

Everyone knows Breath of the Wild is better than Fail Zero down, I wonder how much money Sony paid him to score fail zero down better than Breath of the wild?

Mon Nov 20 17 03:42pm
Rating: 1

Actually, the reason he gave BoTW a 7/10 was due to a fake screenshot that someone had made (something like that - the point is that it was most certainly FAKE), which people took way too seriously. After receiving a ton of hateful emails he thought that it would be funny to go with that rating as a way to upset everyone who had just assumed without even checking to see if said screenshot was real or not.

Also, just for the record Jim Sterling doesn't take bribes when reviewing games. It's just that he tends to have his own opinions and apparently not liking what everyone else likes is a crime.

I wonder if people actually think like this.

Mon Nov 20 17 08:38pm
Rating: 6 (Updated 3 times)

Sorry, but he often times just follows the bandwagon mainstream gaming media creates. And he has said so much BS over the years it's hard to take him seriously anymore...

He gave Modern Warfare a 9.5 and called one of the best games of all time. And then have Mario Kart 7 a 5.0 because it was more of the same. And I'm a fan the CoD. Just yesterday I beat Infinite Warfare on my PS4... Is that "strong opinions" for you?

How about his extreme pandering to feminism? One of those beach Dead or Alive game got cancelled for the West release because Koei Tecmo was worried about the feminists going crazy over the game. However, the game still had an English text options and PlayAsia decided to make a tweet promoting the game, saying they would have copies available for everyone in spite of all the "SJW nonsense".

Jim Sterling didn't like it and called PlayAsia "Pathetic". Is that "strong opinions" for you? How is being against the release of a game people wanna play "wants the best for the industry"?

What about the time Jim Sterling said it was ok to dox people who were rude to you in an online game. And I'm not talking about the death threats or anything like. He was talking about doxxing people who were mean to you during an online match. Is that "strong opinions" for you?

By the way, remember the fun days when the said you, yes, YOU are a potential rapist? He just said all men are potential rapist and we should be aware of that. Is that "strong opinions" for you? How is calling every male gamer a potential rapist is "wants the best for the industry?"

And I could be here the whole day talking about Jim Sterling is stupid in many different ways... He really has an extensive list of BS.


He also thinks it's funny to question a company's culture because a WOMAN got fired (even though she was a sh***y employee).

Screw this spiteful bastard tbqh

I love Jim and how he takes such delight in rocking the boat and deliberately crossing the line while dancing around on the other side of it just to relish in the reactionary shrill screeches that are oh so easy to get. Nobody has done more to call out the BS in the game industry and I love seeing him have so much fun doing it.

Mon Nov 20 17 11:53am
(Updated 2 times)

It's good that he's seen his initial expectations of the Switch being surpassed.

Sorta surprised this was posted though after the fallout of this previous Switch-dedicated video. Most people here can't handle Jim's style.

I was thinking the same thing, actually. I may not really like the guy, but honestly protecting the site from Pachter and Sterling feels like it stifles what could be good dialog (though being the internet, this too rarely happens).

Mon Nov 20 17 12:54pm
(Updated 1 time)

Sterling, yes. Pachter, not so much.
Although I am amongst those who are in favor of posting his articles/posts/comments anyway, I really think Pachter was caught crossing the line of misinformation more than once. While on the other hand, all that Sterling does is having strong opinions about stuff, a keen eye when it comes to criticizing the industry and a harsh sense of humour. That's not the same in my opinion.

But yeah, as I've said I'm not in favor of having ANY nintendo related news censored out of the site. Frankly, I don't understand the meaning of doing such a thing.

Even that guy who were on GameXplain in the old time is basically blacklisted from GoNintendo like Patcher.
BUT that what happen when people become to "political" at the Internet

I don't think I'm aware of that. What happened ?

I talking about RogerBase ”friend”.

Okay "friend" (what's up with that?). I still don't know what happened I googled a couple stuff but couldn't find anything.

TheBitBlock Guy.
Have at least change his youtube Chanel’s name twice and his only YouTube ”friend” is RogerBase

Oh oaky now I get it. I see who you're talking about. I was wondering what happened to this guy so there you go. Thanks.

God I hate that idiot.

Yes, this is a pretty good year for the switch..... Still hate Jim Sterling, though.

I never watched a Jim Sterling video before... but it only took 2 minutes for me to hate him.

Try reading his internet post on Nintendo’s Coorperate Culture (it’s not what you think). Thank god that never took off :p

You should give him a chance, seems like he's the only one calling out companies BS and giving praise where it's due.

Mon Nov 20 17 12:48pm
Rating: 3

I do love how over the top Jim is, it's a shame that most people here dislike him.

i dislike his opinion on anything nintendo related because it's no different than the basic or most wide spread one. It's just the usual fever dream we've been hearing for too many decades. It would not be a problem though, if at the same time Jim sterling wasn't tackling some real and realworld issues.

so i'm skipping this one but I'll keep on following when it's on more important topic. I mean I probably would not even know about the micro gambling crates craze without those guys.

Mon Nov 20 17 01:10pm
Rating: 1

I disagree with a lot of what he says namely Amiibo being a cash grab, encouraging people to steal their products whatsoever the gits....

I guess people can stomach what Jim Sterling does as much as Fox continues to have viewers...

Mon Nov 20 17 02:01pm
Rating: 1

Bugger me, Jim Sterling is still clickbaiting...

Just because someone says something I agree with doesn't mean I will start liking the person, but also just because I don't like someone doesn't mean I want to stop them from being posted here.

I see that people is still disliking Jim for his 7/10 BOTW review

Mon Nov 20 17 02:47pm
(Updated 1 time)

as everyone knows Breath of the Wild is better than fail zero down, how much money sony paid him?

Nothing because he had an opinion and good lord if I wrote a review on BOTW I'd probably be roasted as well. I personally find that game OK at best due to the stupid amount of fake padding from the Korok Seeds and the lack of true dungeons like in the older games outside of a few shrines that are clever.

I wasn't aware of that. Just like how I'm unaware that he did anything good.

Well I'm really not a fan of Jim's videos or style but did watch this one. The Vaccine bit was funny and the Erasure music insert was enjoyable. Not much else I can say about the video.

It's not whether I disagree or agree with his opinions or that he gave a game a less than stellar review.
The guy's an arse and that's why he's such a polarizing figure with the gaming community at large, not just Nintendo fans.

Mon Nov 20 17 03:54pm
(Updated 1 time)

I'm honestly a little surprised to see all of this hate for Jim on here. I'm starting to get the feeling that some people are taking his over the top behavior personally/ at face value.

Mon Nov 20 17 04:15pm
Rating: 1

He's annoying and takes things way too far, in my opinion. I can't watch his video's.

Man, that was a weird costume. What's his complain about Kid Icarus?

Mon Nov 20 17 06:26pm
Rating: 1

IMO sensationalist professional attention seeker's opinions do not equal news nor are they newsworthy. His commentary should live in comments sections beneath videos worth watching


no, thank you, I'm good

Tue Nov 21 17 08:13pm
Rating: 1

I agree with a lot of what he said but he still ended like an ass, leaving me with a reminder of just how annoying he really is.

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