Super Nintendo World - Another round of details on the upcoming Universal Studios park

- 8.8 acres in size
- will be built behind the Simpsons Land in the area that is currently the kids' zone
- the E.T. ride will be left intact
- Donkey Kong and Mario Kart sections to be included
- Donkey Kong will take up 4.7 acres, and Mario Kart will take up 1.76 acres
- there will be 48 toilets
- will take about 3 years to build
- plans to add even more attractions to Islands of Adventure, and other plot of land recently purchased

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Tue Nov 21 17 07:28pm
Rating: 2

48 toilets? Now THAT is a crucial piece of information!

Tue Nov 21 17 07:52pm
Rating: 1

Make Mario a plumber again!

that's 6 worlds with 8 toilets in each. I'm assuming there will be some more unlocked once you destroy the first 48.

Should have been 64 toilets

Also a more importent question:
How many handicap/babycare toilets will it be?

Need to be at least 8, 2 at every weather slope(?)

The toilet tidbit is such a Nintendo detail! xD

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