GoNintendo Video Reviews - Resident Evil Revelations 1 & 2 on Switch (special guest reviewer!)

Resident Evil 1 and 2 are now out on Switch and we've got video reviews for each game! I tackled Resident Evil Revelations, which you see in the first video above. For Resident Evil Revelations 2, I brought in a special guest! I may be biased, but I think his review is about a billion times better than mine. Either way, I hope you enjoy both!

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Tue Nov 28 17 05:07am
Rating: 1

Five sluices out of five!

Tue Nov 28 17 02:38pm
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Thanks Kevin and Austin for the awesome double feature ! You guys rock.

Wohohoho Oooooooow ;)

Thanks Austin!
I REALLY have to take some time and watch more of your videos. Watch everything shared on GoNintendo, but I really need to get out and actively follow you. >_<

First thought: nooo, not a guest reviewer!
Second thought: ohmygoditsaustin <3

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